5/18/09 Weekly Wrapup: @rjacquez on Twitter

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An article on Computer World entitled “Twitter Tips: How to Catch Up After a Few Days Away,” further validates that Twitter’s real-time approach to communication is also one of its biggest challenges, namely because most followers agree that they either read tweets right away or not at all. This is one of the reasons why I started a weekly wrapup and why it’s something I highly recommend.

Here’s a weekly wrapup of what happened the week of 5/18/09:

News and Announcements:

  • In case you missed it, here are two recordings on how to link FrameMaker 9 books in RoboHelp 8 via Adobe TCS2, http://bit.ly/OGeey
  • For those needing a tutorial on the new interface in Adobe FrameMaker 9, here’s a recording, http://bit.ly/3hlDf6
  • RT @P_Finley: Free Adobe Products for unemployed developers and for education http://snipr.com/ik9m9
  • Still working out the details about Adobe Learning Summit 09, but here’s some preliminary info, http://bit.ly/dUXgd. Stay tuned for more.
  • As a small token of appreciation to my followers, I will host a live event when I reach 1,000 followers, grand prize = 1 Adobe software app
  • This video just went live on how Saint John the Baptist School in Woking, England is using Adobe eLearning Suite, http://bit.ly/tOez8
  • For those fans of Lori DeFurio, from the Acrobat team, she now has her own channel on Adobe TV, http://bit.ly/ADw2x, Congrats, Lori!
  • Webware 100 winners announced! Adobe AIR page, http://bit.ly/PAyVn. Here’s the complete list, http://bit.ly/X9hL1
  • My next eLearning show is the eLearning DevCon 2009, in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 17th. Should be a good one, http://bit.ly/ZsUrD
  • DVRCast and FLVPlayback update now available, more information here, http://bit.ly/sNSfb. Download page here, http://bit.ly/k34Q4

Useful Resources:

  • Reading a Twitter-inspired Adobe Illustrator tutorial by GoMediaZine, http://bit.ly/10VOGO
  • I use and recommend TweetDeck, however I just tried http://twitzap.com/, which enables Twitter in Browser without Refresh. Nice idea!
  • @TechCrunch interviews @QueenRania on how Twitter can help change the World. Excellent interview and a must-read. http://bit.ly/AcLYT
  • Customer asked how to embed AIR, the runtime, in their AIR apps. This is called an installation badge, more info here, http://bit.ly/JICev
  • To create Intra-Portfolio Links between files in a PDF Portfolio, here’s a quick how-to by Joel Geraci, http://bit.ly/qMG2J
  • Great resource for when you are looking for Adobe Community Experts, includes product(s) expertise, http://bit.ly/omVjr

FAQs, Tips and Tricks:

  • [Captivate TIP] For best end-user experience, create projects in 800×600, to avoid scrolling in common resolutions, such as 1024X768
  • [Captivate 4 FAQ] Why don’t I see the Insert > Placeholder menu? A. You must open a Project Template for menu option to be available
  • [Connect Pro Tip] When hosting a meeting and need to get to the recordings/reports, select Meeting > Manage Meeting Info, from meeting room
  • An interesting habit of mine is pressing Ctrl+D when I open a PDF document, always like knowing the app that created the file
  • @aprilh1974 To handle reuse of questions in Captivate 4 use the Quiz > Question Pool. You can then choose Quiz > Import Question Pools.
  • [FAQ] How is the PowerPoint import quality into Captivate 4, are animations preserved? Here’s my regular PPT converted http://bit.ly/KSMq7

Compelling ReTweets (RTs):

Personal Observations:

  • Very true, I’ve often needed Ctrl+X Ctrl+V for heavy furniture 🙂 RT @JoshThycotic: I need Ctrl + Z for my everyday life
  • “He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels” — the bearded guy from Dos Equis commercial
  • Booking an off-road Segway X2 Tour, should be interesting!
  • Finally trying out the latest Google Chrome, very fast indeed and the clean UI, plus dynamic tabs are two of my favorite features
  • Thinking about learning German, any thoughts on Rosetta Stone? I travel to Germany once a year, I think it’s about time
  • Working on finalizing details about an upcoming virtual session on “Getting Started with Adobe Captivate 4 for new users”
  • Words to Live By! RT @LoriMoreno: It’s never crowded along the extra mile…Wayne Dyer
  • Just finished my off-road Segway Safary tour in SD Wild Animal Park. Wow, what an amazing ride! I highly Recommend it!



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