6/01/09 Weekly Wrapup: @rjacquez on Twitter

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Last week was an exciting week with many announcements coming from our Adobe Labs. Specifically, Flash Catalyst and Adobe BrowserLab, and even though I don’t work directly on these products, I’m always asking myself how technologies like these can apply to eLearning and Technical Communication. Today for example, all applications in both eLearning suite and Tech Comm Suite, have real-time screen sharing via ConnectNow from Acrobat.com and  in the Technical Communication Suite 2, FrameMaker 9 and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended take advantage of Acrobat.com services for conducting PDF reviews, which can then be imported back into FrameMaker.

Adobe Flash Catalyst has some obvious synergies in eLearning, and Adobe BrowserLab will most likely be integrated into Adobe RoboHelp for previewing both WebHelp and FlashHelp in multiple browsers and OSes.

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  • My Fav 3 fixes in Adobe Captivate 4 patch: 1)Audio Quality 2)USB mic on Vista 3)Insert Objects at playhead. Select Help>Updates10:41 AM Jun 1st from web
  • How we use Adobe Connect Pro internally to make a GREEN difference & have saved $10M in travel in 2 years, http://bit.ly/53Heu8:59 AM Jun 2nd from web
  • How does “BrowserLab” apply to Adobe eLearning Suite? There’s a Dreamweaver extension for exact rendering preview, http://bit.ly/EDACqabout 6 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • How does ‘BrowserLab’ apply to Online Help via Adobe RoboHelp? You can Preview WebHelp or FlashHelp in multiple browsers and OSesabout 6 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • A question I often get when demo’ing Adobe Captivate 4 is whether it’s possible to generate a PDF. I will tweet a sample file next.3:27 PM Jun 5th from TweetDeck

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Personal Observations

  • Always thinking of how Adobe technologies apply to eLearning/TechComm & thus my interest in AIR, Acrobat.com and now Catalyst3:05 PM Jun 1st from web
  • Thinking about how difficult it is to keep track of so many groups online, wonder why can’t everyone just be on Twitter and be done with it7:35 PM Jun 2nd from TweetDeck
  • Watching FlashCamp’s Keynote by Kevin. Says 200 Million AIR installs, thanks in part to Twitter clients, http://bit.ly/146CaX9:01 AM Jun 1st from web
  • Working on this week’s video tutorial: “Converting Ms Word documents to Structured FrameMaker.” Once ready, I will tweet link.9:25 AM Jun 2nd from web
  • Thinking about when email clients and presentation tools will auto-hyperlink @ Twitter usernames, similarly to www and mailto6:58 PM Jun 3rd from TweetDeck
  • In Web 2.0 people are watching more videos than ever, thus Tech Docs should be supplemented w/videos, demos and simulations9:57 AM Jun 6th from TweetDeck
  • Adobe RoboHelp 8 has a new scripting language, useful for when linking FrameMaker. Will share script for caution/note paragraphs1:56 PM Jun 6th from TweetDeck
  • Thanks to everyone who answered by inquiry about RosettaStone! I just bought all 3 levels of Français26 minutes ago from TweetDeck


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