6/08/09 Weekly Wrapup: @rjacquez on Twitter


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By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter in English @rjacquez and in Spanish @rjacquezEspanol, for real-time announcements, tips & tricks, how-to tutorials, Did You Know’s, Adobe-branded giveaways and more.

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  • [Did You Know] Since Jan’09 RoboHelp 8 supports DITA. Ideal for Publishing DITAMaps to all formats in RoboHelp, including AIR Helpabout 3 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • [Adobe Captivate Tip] In Edit View, click anywhere on a slide, then use the Tab key to cycle (select) through all objects on Slide10 minutes ago from TweetDeck
  • [#Captivate Tip] To paste an object on all slides, copy it; in Storyboard view, select All and Paste. Credit @rickzanotti12:41 PM Jun 11th from TweetDeck
  • If you want to add Live 3D models in Technical Docs, here’s an example PDF from FrameMaker 9, http://bit.ly/17y2fO2:19 PM Jun 11th from TweetDeck
  • For prev tweet: Free Reader 9 req. Click 3D model on page 1 to activate. Use mouse to navigate, scroll to zoom, play btn to disassemble2:23 PM Jun 11th from TweetDeck
  • .@aprilh1974 Great question. Here are two system variables you can use in Captivate 4: $$cpInfoCurrentSlide$$ of $$rdinfoSlideCount$$9:48 AM Jun 12th from TweetDeck
  • [Adobe FrameMaker 9 Tip] To exit out of Full Screen, right-click anywhere outside the main text frame and select “Toggle Screen Mode”11:59 AM Jun 13th from TweetDeck
  • [FAQ] Why Flash (swf) over Video (avi) in #eLearning? Videos=Passive. Flash=Interactivity, Quizzes, Branching, Soft-Skills Trainingabout 23 hours ago from TweetDeck

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