A Primer on Adobe FrameMaker Templates and Books [VIDEO]

One of my big projects over the last few months has been developing short Adobe Captivate videos for our upcoming Adobe TV channel on all-things Technical Communications. The plan is to launch this channel later this month.

Luckily I’m a position where I spend most of my time in conversations with our customers through Twitter, email, phone, Adobe ConnectNow, this blog, etc., so there’s never a lack of ideas for new videos.

One such video request is a primer on how Templates work in FrameMaker and how to build books based on multiple files, that were authored from the same template.

Just in the last week, I received three requests for this video from Technical Communicators and Instructional Designers, who are new to FrameMaker and who need to get going as quickly as possible authoring Documentation and Instructional manuals.

You will eventually see this video on our Adobe TV channel, but for now, you can watch it here by clicking the image below. Please check it out and let me know your feedback by leaving a comment here, or by sending me a tweet @rjacquez.


  • M. Hunsberger

    Thanks for posting this. It is really helpful, especially as I try to get up to speed on Frame 9 and train a couple other people on it.

  • RJ,

    The new blog is looking great. Keep up your excellent evangelism!


  • Jacquez

    Ed, many thanks for your RT and your comment here. I’m really enjoying WordPress and blogging in general. Will keep it going. Thanks.


  • Byron

    This was a good introduction to using templates. What I would like to have seen is how to import previously composed text into the chapters. Your example showed how to get the template in place, but then any changes you typed in. There must be a way to import text into a chapter. Perhaps you viewed that as too elementary, but it is holding me up.

  • Madhanalive

    it is cool. i got confidence almost instantly after having a look at his video. but seriously i still dont understand the idea of structured authoring

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