A Tour around the new TCS2 Web 2.0 inspired User Assistance

By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter @rjacquez

In this year’s WritersUA conference, one of our Adobe themes was “Embracing Web 2.0 Technologies in User Assistance,” and one of the unique functionality in RoboHelp 8 that we were emphasizing and demonstrating was our new Adobe AIR Output support for building Web 2.0 inspired Help systems based on Adobe AIR. 

This type of output is similar to the Help that ships in the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 products, which includes a ground-breaking social networking platform where anyone can submit a comment for other users to read, learn from and reply to, as well as it also offers an all-inclusive user assistance experience, which include a printable PDF of the Help and where you can bookmark Help topics and also add web links and feeds to RSS resources, such as Blogs.

Here’s what a fellow twitterer said on March 25th, after exploring the Adobe Captivate 4 Help:

“Adobe Captivate Help goes 2.0–via [Adobe] Air, you can access user comments on topics right from help! and add ’em yrself. that’s cool.”  twittered by Arl Nadel @SnarlyArl

Take a tour of this new and innovative User Assistance platform through this short Adobe Captivate 4 demonstration and afterwards, experience this system first hand by reading other users’ comments and adding your very own comments.

Also, if you haven’t watched the recording on “Building Web 2.0 User Assistance using Adobe AIR and RoboHelp,” you can do so from here.

Finally, do share your thoughts on the TCS2 Help, and what your plans are for aligning your documentation to today’s Web 2.0 experiences.


  • When will Adobe make this great product available on the Mac? I can’t believe it makes it’s Production Suite and all of it’s other tools available on OSX but not Captivate! When? When!!Thanks for doing such a great job~Rich

  • Hi Rich, thanks for your comments and great question and while I cannot provide an exact date, by now, it’s no secret that we are working on Captivate for the Mac. What I can say is that I have very early builds on my MacBook Pro and it’s looking really good, so please be patient.RJ Jacquez

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