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My name is RJ Jacquez, Blogger, Speaker, Consultant and Podcaster. My mission is to help Organizations and individuals mobilize their Learning. I blog about the Mobile Learning Revolution and its impact on Learning. Before that, I worked for Adobe Systems and Macromedia as a World-wide Senior Product Evangelist.

I’m honored to be among great company in the following lists and articles:

1) Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communications (http://bit.ly/a8ooZC)

2) Top 20 most influential tweeters in eLearning, training and HR (http://bit.ly/KCOjqf).

3) mLearning’s game changers: Who’s on your dream team? http://bit.ly/mLearningGameChangers

4) I was also mentioned in this article on Why Every Company Needs a Robert Scoble (infographic) for my work as an Adobe Evangelist (http://bit.ly/v0IMHs).

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  • Lauren Katzive

    Will you post a video of the webinar titled: Sense out of Confusion: Streamline your Authoring by transitioning from unstructured to DITA XML?

    • Jacquez

      Hi Lauren, the link to the recording is now available for this Webinar HERE.


  • Is there any information on using FM9 with SharePoint as a CMS?

  • Carla A

    Good afternoon! Enjoyed last week’s eSeminar: Communicating Policies and Procedures for the 21st Century Organization. Can you tell me when the recording and presentation will be available online for reference? Thanks!

    • Jacquez

      Hi Carla, I’m working on this right now. Will post links to the recordings and if possible, the slides, too.

  • John Brewer

    What is the best online forum for getting answers to questions about authoring DITA topics using Structured FrameMaker? I have added some new text formatting rules to my EDD and imported the modified EDD into my topic.template.fm file. However, the new rules are not being applied to my documents. Do I need to create a new structured application as well?

  • Jacquez

    Hi John, a good forum is our own Adobe FrameMaker Structured forum at: http://forums.adobe.com/community/framemaker/framemaker_structured

    Having said that, from what you described, this is the right way of doing this, so it should be working. Please make sure you have updated this file, which is the default DITA topic template: Template: $STRUCTDIR\xml\dita\app\DITA-Topic-FM\topic.template.fm

    Also, did you open a DITA topic in Frame since you updated the topic.template.fm file? Please let me know.

  • John Brewer

    OK, false alarm, RJ. Just to make sure I was telling you the truth, I confirmed that my EDD did have the change (I added a format change list just to see if I could make it work), imported the EDD into my topic.template.fm, saved, opened a (DITA) task topic and imported all elements, formats, etc. from topic.template.fm into it.
    When I performed Export Element Catalog to EDD on my document and looked at the result, my text formatting changes were in the resulting EDD. That should be proof positive.
    What was bothering my earlier was when I selected text in the doc window and looked at Show Element Context, I was not seeing my new text format rules in the Format Rules pane, so I panicked and concluded that Frame was not picking up my change.
    Anyway, I have read all of the Frame 9.0 user guide chapters on Structured FrameMaker and DITA plus most of the Structure_Dev_Guide.7.1.pdf — all very helpful. Now that I have studied the DITA EDD in some detail, I think I get it–a truly awesome piece of technology! And I may even be able to use conversion tables now that I’ve watched your tutorial.
    One additional question: Do any of your conversion functions work with Word tables? We have a *boatload* of those to convert. Thanks for listening.

    • RJ Jacquez

      Hi John, glad to hear that everything is now working fine. Thanks for your comment about our EDD and I agree with you, this is a great competitive feature we have in FrameMaker because it lends itself nicely to WYSIWYG formatting and also to generating pristine Print and PDF. Regarding your question about Word Tables, once you convert your Word documents over to FrameMaker, the tables will be preserved nicely in FrameMaker and through conversion tables, you will also be able to apply structure to them. Many thanks for your comments, John.

  • John Brewer

    Just replayed the tutorial on conversion tables and noticed that you had a PDF on the codes to be used in column 1, e.g., P (paragraph) C (character), G (?), SV (system variable), but I did not see where to download this PDF. Sounds like it might be pretty useful. Thanks.

  • RJ Jacquez

    Hi John, good catch. Here’s the link to our Online Manuals for FrameMaker. The one you want is called Structure Application Developer Guide (PDF, 3.4M): http://bit.ly/cExfTk

  • John Brewer

    I’m hoping you will publish more about conversion from Word tables to DITA. Here’s where I am stuck. After opening the Word doc in Frame and generating the conversion table, I need to convert the Word tags to DITA elements along the following lines:
    (Dita) simpletable – sthead – fm-stheadrow – stentry – stentry
    fm-stbody-strow – stenrtry – stentry (etc.)
    Is that a doable conversion to perform with the method you showed us in your video? I’m just not sure in what order to perform the steps. So far, when I modify the conversion table and perform the Structure Current Document, nothing happens. I could not, for example, insert “dita” as my RE:RootElement. So I am clearly missing some of the rocket science.

  • John Brewer

    Here’s a simpler question. When I use “Structure Current Document,” must I always apply that to an unstructured document? I was saving the structured file and trying to apply structure to it a 2nd time after updating the conversion table; I’m guessing that just doesn’t work. I noticed that each time you used “Structure Current Document” in the video, you closed the resulting file and started from the unstructured file.

  • Hi RJ-
    Do you accept advertisements on your site? I can’t see any info about an advertising program but if so, I already have an industry leader interested in advertising on here.

    Please let me know!


  • David

    Hi, RJ. I just installed FM9 and watched your introduction demo. The demo was fantastic, and I’m eager to start using FM9 on a daily basis–the workspace, pod, and docking tabs are going to make life (that part of it spent using FM, anyway) a whole lot easier.

    One question — is the only way to save changes to a custom workspace to retype the existing workspace name? Why not a right-click > Save or a Save button on the workspace title bar?

    In any event, please pass along congrats to the engineers and product development people for what looks like a great change to FM.

    • RJ Jacquez

      Hi David, thanks for your comments and kind words regarding the UI video, I appreciate it. I completely agree with you on having an easier way to update an existing workspace. I will share this with our Engineering team, and will also let them know you send them kudos. Thanks,


  • David

    Hi, RJ. I know you’re not support, but searching community help for “pod” and “workspace” came up empty. So, two questions:

    1. What’s a good source of help/support for FM9 newbies?

    2. I can’t seem to resize the document/workspace border. In other words, the workspace seems to have a fixed width. Is this a known issue with Windows 7, or am I missing something? (A colleague with XP is able to resize this border; the pointer changes shape when he hovers over it, and he can drag to change the relative footprint of these spaces, etc.)

    3. One new nit: it would be nice to be able to close a book without having to use a menu — by clicking the X on the tab, just as one does with a document.


  • I took your Framemaker seminar for professional development. Is there anything like a “showed up and loved it” certificate anywhere I could print.

    It was a little advanced for where I am right now and I certainly can’t afford it, but I caught the flavor–and you guys were so incredibly enthusiastic! I use Breeze weekly for teaching live chats and unfortunately I was not live or I would have told your partner to check his audio settings. Alas, most sound troubles relate back to that. It took a year or so (of students complaining) before I called tech support, and then in two minutes it was fixed.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Christine, many thanks for your kind words and I’ll see what I can do about the certificate type you speak of. I like the idea. Thanks again.

  • Armoorefam

    I would like to see if a review hub could be started where Captivate users could post invites to other Captivate users to use the reviewer tool to get constructive criticism and tips from other Captivate users. The receiver of the reviews can get valuable feedback and the Captivate experienced reviewer gets to see what others are doing too. Win-Win. It would be nice if Captivate files could be shared as well for those that are willing making for a good place for newbies to go to get in-progress and finished Captivate files to learn from. I can set something like this up on our Moodle and make it public, but I thought that if the eLearning team had a better suggestion on how and where to set it up it would be great to ask all of you. My contact information is Tammy Moore at armoorefam@centurytel.net.

  • John M. Arispe

    RJ, i use captivate as a very different tool in create interactive medium and I am currently debating on switching to captivate from Director. Please check out my EPK at hittinezine.com/epk/ —- my goal is to track pageviews in captivate via email send results… any info you can pass along would be great! thanks, john arispe john@hittinezine.com

  • Rice Dana

    RJ- I’m a graphic designer using Adobe’s Creative Suite. It is my challenge to brand and design a look for elearning materials that will ultimately be created by another department in Captivate. Where do I start? I could easily design how it should “look” in Photoshop or InDesign but am not sure how to set things up for the best results in Captivate. any advice?

  • RJ,
    My tech pubs team is migrating from Word 2007 to Frame 10. I just watched your e-seminar on migrating from unstructured to structured authoring in Frame 9. Excellent. I ran into two problems:
    1) I was not able to add a valid root element in the conversion table while following your instructions. Might this be a Frame 9/10 issue?
    2) I was not able to locate the pdf on the Adobe website listing conversion table terms. Any idea on whether this is still available and if so where I can find it? 
    Adam Lundstrom

  • Colleen

    Hi RJ,  You’ve become my Go-To resource for Captivate questions!  I was wondering if you could help me with the Quiz Results Analyzer?  I’m trying to save the location of my Internal Server Folder so I don’t have to browse to it each time.

    In the QRA, I’m going to Option -> Preferences ->  Internal Server Locations -> Add.
    I give it a name, but the link does not seem to connect.  I get a “Connection Failed” error.

    The location of the folder is C:xampphtdocsCaptivateResults  but that doesn’t work when I enter it as the link.

    Any ideas from you or anyone else??  Thanks!

  • jhess

    Hi RJ, I’ve been attending some of Adobe’s on-demand seminars to get more familiar with structured authoring. This seminar here “Sense
    out of Confusion-Streamline your Technical Authoring Process by Transitioning
    from Unstructured Documentation to DITA XML” mentions an earlier seminar that took place on June 22 (of I’m assuming that same year)… But try as I might I cannot find a link for that earlier seminar. Would you know where I can view a recording of that? Thanks!

  • jhess

    Hi RJ, I’ve been attending some of Adobe’s on-demand seminars to get more familiar with structured authoring. This seminar here “Sense
    out of Confusion-Streamline your Technical Authoring Process by Transitioning
    from Unstructured Documentation to DITA XML” mentions an earlier seminar that took place on June 22 (of I’m assuming that same year)… But try as I might I cannot find a link for that earlier seminar. Would you know where I can view a recording of that? Thanks!

  • Thomas.KL

     Hi RJ, my name Thomas.kl I work in Adobe distributor for education, I would like to ask whether there are resources such as powerpoint files on adobe presenter 7 this?, Which I will give a presentation to our partners. if there if I can get it? thank you

  • Jayne Parris

    Hi RJ, my name is Jayne Parris, I’m a Technical Author in Cambridge UK. I watched your Webinar on RoboHelp. We are extremely interested in purchasing this product, however, I have a couple of questions. mFirstly, we use FrameMaker at the moment to generate PDF’s, would we be able to use RoboHelp to do this, effectively cutting out our need for FrameMaker? Also, when documents have be reviewed, through the renewing process as shown, can they be signed off on Robohelp?

  • Keith M.

    I’m not sure if you would be interested, but I heard about this free webinar from Cornell University. I have not used these before so I cannot comment on the quality. I don’t receive any compensation either. It just looked interesting to me.

    Social Media’s Role in Learning & Development
    a panel discussion moderated by Charles Jennings,
    former CLO of Reuters and Thomson Reuterswith learning leaders from Thomson Reuters, Cerner andHitachi Data SystemsWednesday, May 9, 20121:00pm Eastern/10:00am PacificRegister www.ecornell.com/may9Can’t make it? Check out eCornell’a library of whitepapers. And follow eCornell on Twitter.
    The use of social networking and other social media tools is more than a trend today…it’s the new way we get things done. In training, as in all aspects of business, the social component has to be checked off the list before true and complete success can be realized. But even more important is the mandate to properly harness the power of social media and to make it work for you.

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