Moves out of Beta with Free and Paid Subscription Offerings


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A year ago, we introduced the public beta of, a set of 5 free web services, namely Adobe Buzzword, an online Word Processor for writing and collaborating on documents, anywhere, anytime; Adobe ConnectNow, which allows you to meet live over the web and share your screen with anyone; Create PDF, for converting up to 5 files to Adobe PDF online; Adobe Share, for sending files to others via a URL, for easy access while you maintain control; and My Files, for storing your files in the cloud, for easy access from anywhere.

A year later, 5 million people have signed up to use the innovative service, with approximately 100,000 people signing up each week.

Today is moving out of public Beta and into full production with two new Premium subscription services that address the intense collaboration needs of business people, enabling them to be more productive by bringing them to documents to work together in real-time, rather than sending attachments to inboxes and invitations to calendars.

Before I describe the two new Premium subscription services, I want to report that the free service will continue to offer Adobe® Buzzword® online word processing, ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to three participants, and online creation of up to five PDF files, plus the ability to store up to 5GB of files on My Files.

The Premium Basic service includes Adobe ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to five participants and online conversion of 10 uploaded documents to PDF per month. The Premium Basic subscription is available for US $14.99/month, or US $149/year.

The Premium Plus service includes ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to 20 participants and unlimited online creation of PDF files. The Premium Plus subscription is available for US $39/month, or US $390/year.

Until July 16, 2009, Adobe is offering US $15 off the Premium Basic annual plan, and US $50 off the Premium Plus annual plan. Initially, both subscriptions are available from the online store in North America only.

Both Premium offerings include Adobe phone and Web support programs.

Announcing the Preview release of Tables

Furthermore, we are also announcing the preview release of Tables, a spreadsheet-like application that is available immediately for free sign-up as a public beta, joining the Presentations application on Labs. Tables provides people with a new way to work with others on data-intensive documents – such as task lists, schedules, contacts, budgets and sales numbers – that are typically created and shared in spreadsheets or simple databases. People can easily work with others on the same table at the same time, without the worry of version control or e-mailing spreadsheets back and forth. Because the table lives online, people can access and work on the data from any Internet-connected computer, regardless of where they are located. Integration in eLearning Suite and Tech Comm Suite:

Having said that, we have already implemented into many Adobe applications. Here’s a short Adobe Captivate movie on how we have integrated ConnectNow into applications in both the eLearning Suite and Technical Communication Suite:

In addition to ConnectNow, FrameMaker 9 and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, in the Technical Communication Suite, leverage for conducting PDF Shared Reviews, where Reviewers only need the free Adobe Reader 9 to provide comments. Aggregated comments can then be imported back into FrameMaker 9, all without IT resources, or dedicated expensive servers. More on this functionality in a future post. useful Resources:


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