Adobe Announcements wrapup: @rjacquez on Twitter

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I would normally wait until Sunday to post a wrapup of key tweets in my Twitter timeline, but thus far, this week has been a week of exciting Adobe announcements, so in case you missed any of them, here you go:

Adobe Captivate 4 Patch:

  • [Adobe Captivate 4 News] Fix now available for Audio, USB microphone on Vista and more! Select Help > Updates to download.8:08 AM May 29th from web
  • My Fav 3 fixes in Adobe Captivate 4 patch: 1)Audio Quality 2)USB mic on Vista 3)Insert Objects at playhead. Select Help>Updates10:41 AM Jun 1st from web

Adobe Flash Catalyst:

Adobe Presentations:

Adobe BrowserLab:

  • [Adobe News] Today we announced ‘BrowserLab’ an innovative exact rendering of web pages in multiple browsers and operating systems!about 6 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • How does “BrowserLab” apply to Adobe eLearning Suite? There’s a Dreamweaver extension for exact rendering preview, 6 hours ago from TweetDeck
  • How does ‘BrowserLab’ apply to Online Help via Adobe RoboHelp? You can Preview WebHelp or FlashHelp in multiple browsers and OSesabout 6 hours ago from TweetDeck


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