Adobe Captivate 4 New Features onDemand eLearning Session

By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter @rjacquez

I’m happy to report that Friday’s (03/06/09) live eLearning session on the new features in Adobe Captivate 4 went extremely well and I thank all 175 people who participated!

I copied and pasted below a few of the comments I received through the chat pod during the session, which illustrate how well-received this new version of Adobe Captivate has been.

On right-click simulation:

“YAY for right click simulation!!!”

“Right-Click is very exciting.  Main reasons I am here”

“great news!”

On single-SWF publishing:

“fantastic 1 swf”

“multiple swfs were annoying”

“i have had issues with multiple files in the past”

On the new Adobe AIR-based Help System:

“I like the community feature to get feedback from other users.”

“The context sensitive search looks very useful.”

“i like the d/l [download] as pdf”

“Like the community Comments addition”

“I definitely like the bookmarking feature”

On the included Practice Simulation:

“the simulation is really good”

“great way to keep the session interactive, I will do the same”

“excellent, I haven’t even checked email :)”

“Very cool. Thanks for incorporating practice into this session.”

“it keeps people engaged”

On Adobe Captivate Reviewer (Adobe AIR application):

“free is great”

“It would pain me to print out slides for each edit”

“This is a lot of new coolness for a $299 upgrade price”

“That will be very helpful in my company.”

Much better that what we’re using now”


This will save a lot of trees”

“I LOVE THIS.  When I’m doing reviews for myself, I have to do fixes from back to front as slide numbers change as I add & delete things–now comments attached to slide itself!  Bravo!”

On the overall eLearning session:

“BTW, you’re doing a great job with the presenation…I’m learning a ton!”

“very impressed with the feature set”

“awesome, tool”

“just keeps getting better by the minute”

“Thank you very much!!  A reallt informative session.”

“Thanks so much for this.  It was very helpful.”

“Thank you very much, RJ!

“you did a great job”

“Thank you for your lessons today!

“thanks RJ we will see you again”

On Project Template

“perfect for non-technical types”

“project templates are the only reason i will use this product”

“I believe it can cut a lot of development time”

“the place holders are great”

“that’s rad”

On Variables

“This was on top of my wish list!!”

“can’t help but be useful”

On Text-to-Speech

“Excellent feature”

“Will speed up course development”


On Panning

“the panning will be beneficial with our systems training”

“i have been using project resize to reduce the screen size, great time saver”

“will allow a more professional production”

For those of you who couldn’t make it and asked me for the recording, please click here to launch the Getting Started with the new features in Adobe Captivate 4 session.

Incidentally, when you are watching any Acrobat Connect Pro demonstration (including the ones in this recording), something you may want to try is to click the “Scroll” button at the bottom left of the Connect Pro window, which will help you zoom in closer and follow the action around the presenter’s mouse.  To the right is what the button looks like in all Connect Pro recordings.

I hope you enjoy the recording, and please share your thoughts about the new features in adobe Captivate 4, and the interactive simulation included in the recording.  You can do so by leaving a comment below.

I have already started working on the next eLearning session, and will post more information shortly.  If you have recommendations for future eLearning sessions, please share them with me.


  • How can I view the recorded session with sound? So how must I set my speakers to VOIP if that’s even possible?regards,Huub HelsenThe Netherlands————————————————–Hi Huub,Sorry for the confusion regarding VoIP, but the note you see in the recording only applies to the live session and not to the recording itself. To hear the audio in the recording, simply turn on your speakers and you’ll hear it.Thank you for your comment,RJ Jacquez

  • Chris Collins

    Hi RJ,I just watched the recording of your presentation and I just wanted to thank you for a very good examination of the new stuff in Cap. I’m been using the product since it was RoboDemo and I’m impressed with how far its come.Cheers!Chris——————————Hi Chris, thank you very much for taking the time to watch this recording and for leaving a comment about your experience with it, it’s truly appreciated! I too go way back to the days of RoboDemo at eHelp, where I used to work, and I completely agree with you in that it has come a long, long way.Thanks again,RJ Jacquez

  • Hola RJ – your e-seminar is great, hoping to find the time to finish it. One thing I’ve been trying to do in RoboHelp is configure the Air template so that the left navigation panel is bigger. The help file says the Air template is configurable, but I haven’t seen where. Any idea?We are using Captivate and Flex to build an elearning interface with the help of some gurus – but I’ve thought of authoring the html and individual page content in RoboHelp first. Embedding audio mp3s in RoboHelp is sort of problematic – seems this is an area that still needs development. I wonder too whether transferring content and structure of lessons from a RoboHelp project to Flex will be difficult? Both IDEs are based on Eclipse, right?Thanks for your great work – I hope you don’t mind taking a look out our interface when it’s done, I’ll be using it to teach Spanish through music :)—————————–Hola Stacey, gracias por tu comentario y estoy investigando si es que es posible modificar la “skin” de Adobe AIR que incluimos en RoboHelp 8.Gracias de nuevo,RJ Jacquez

  • Hi RJ,I very much enjoyed watching the recorded webinar – just what I had been looking for! Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to point us to the new features.I’m certainly going to get the upgrade soon. :-)One short question: I tried to edit some widgets in Flash, as you described, but couldn’t open the files. What Flash version do you need to do so? (I’ve got Flash 8.)Cheers,Kirsten—————————————-Hi Kirsten, you are very welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed it and in fact, the next Captivate related eLearning session will be on getting Captivate users started with Flash CS4 in the eLearning Suite, so stay tuned.Regarding your question, all of the included Widgets are based on the version of Flash, which comes in the eLearning Suite, which is CS4, or version 10.Thanks again for your comments,RJ Jacquez

  • Ah super bien. De verdad la combinación de RoboHelp y Flex tiene la posibilidad de revolucionar e-learning, IMHO. Me he convertido en un Adobe evangelist también 🙂

  • Gracias de nuevo, Stacey y bienvenida al club de Adobe Evangelistas :)RJ Jacquez

  • RJ:Thanks for the link to the archived presentation file. It’s great when we can share recorded events with others when they aren’t able to attend in person.That said, it would be even better — and very web 2.0 – social media-friendly — if you could also provide embed code for each of your shows so folks like me can embed them into our sites where folks can watch them live as they are browsing our sites.I’ve found video to be the most clicked content on my sites. I know you know how important this is, so I won’t preach. But, please let me know if you can figure out how to do this. It will be worth the effort.Scott

  • Hi Scott, thanks for the post and I absolutely love the idea, especially because I’m a huge fan of Web 2.0 practices and technologies. I will go back to the two posts and provide the necessary code for embedding these types of presentations within any page.Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to next week’s DocTrain conference in Palm Springs.RJ Jacquez

  • Jen

    Hi RJ,Thanks for your site. I’ve found it very helpful.I have found myself in a bit of a frustrating situation. I am developing the content for an eLearning course that will be developed using Captivate by someone else so I don’t actually get to use Captivate but I still have to understand its capabilities. It has been an incredibly frustrating experience. I have found your blog helpful, but I do have one question that I can’t seem to find the answer to: I’m told that the only way to transition between modules in Captivate is to present a quiz first. Is this true? Is there anyway around this?Thanks

  • Hi Jen, thank you for your comment and actually, a quiz isn’t the only way to transition between eLearning modules, in fact you can do this from any slide using buttons. Many people do this from the first slide where they create sort of a Table of Contents and each option in the TOC contains a link to another module. Again, buttons are one way to create links. To insert a button, select Insert > Standard Objects > Button. In the Button tab, set the “On Success” pulldown to “Jump to Slide” if you have another module within the same project, or select “Open other Project,” if the module is in a different project. Hopefully this helps and thanks again.RJ Jacquez

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