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On February 9th I wrote about how products like Adobe Captivate 4 and RoboHelp 8 are leveraging the cross-platform availability of Adobe AIR to initiate and conduct Project Reviews, and in particular, I provided a demo of how Captivate is doing this through a free AIR application called Adobe Captivate Reviewer

Since then I’ve gotten lots of emails from customers, who have begun sending out Captivate 4 projects for review and who share with me that despite the instructions included in the email, which gets generated automatically by Captivate, Reviewers (especially those less technical) are having trouble understanding that the free Adobe AIR runtime is also needed, so I decided to use our Adobe AIR Marketplace in an effort to simplify things.

The Adobe AIR Marketplace is a terrific online service we offer and it includes a long list of Adobe AIR applications (most of them free) that users can download, and it’s also a great place for Publishers to showcase their own AIR apps.

Perhaps more importantly, all applications come with the an AIR install badge, which means that if AIR isn’t already installed, the application will volunteer to install it, making the whole process seamless and user-friendly, as illustrated below.

If you want to point your Reviewers to this application, please include the link below in the email that Captivate 4 automatically composes for you when you check the “Send Mail” option, illustrated below:

Here’s the link to the Adobe Captivate Reviewer AIR application on the AIR Marketplace:

If you have download the application above and want to experience what is like to review Adobe Captivate 4 projects, right-click here to download a Captivate review (.crev) file, which I use during my demos.

Btw, this project includes many of the new features in Captivate 4, for example on several slides, including the first one, I used our new text-to-speech feature, so the audio you are hearing is from Paul, the speech agent included in Captivate 4.  Also, on slide one you’ll notice that there’s a text entry box where you can enter your first name, which later gets used to personalize the simulation and this is done through the use of our new variables feature.  Finally, at the very end, you’ll notice a certificate of completion, which includes the name you entered on slide one, today’s date, the score from the quiz on slide 2 and whether you passed or failed and this is achieved through the new support for Flash widgets.  These are just a few of the new features in Adobe Captivate 4.

Happy Reviewing and if you have any questions/comments, please add you comment here.


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