Analyzing Adobe Captivate 5 Quiz Results posted on [VIDEO]

A couple of weeks ago, I published a Quiz developed in the new Adobe Captivate 5 software, which included a setting for publishing the results to

In this video, I go over how to analyze the Quiz results using Adobe Captivate Quiz Analyzer, an Adobe AIR applications, that ships with Adobe Captivate 5.

Since Adobe AIR applications are cross-platform, meaning they runs exactly the same way on Windows, Mac and Linux, I decided to show this application on the Mac, too.

I hope you like this new functionality in Adobe Captivate 5, and if you enjoyed this video, please share it with your Twitter followers by clicking the pre-populated ReTweet button.

Click the image below to launch the video (07min) in a new window.

Adobe Captivate 5 Quiz Analyzer

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  • Mike Rose

    Nice! But getting doubled-up audio in Google Chrome while watching movie.

  • Kathleen

    Have you tried to publish quizzes to an internal server? Any advice or procedure?

  • Jacquez

    Hi Kathleen, I haven’t personally, but our Captivate Engineering team recently blogged about this. Here’s the post, please check it out.

  • Rspoiala

    Hi RJ Jacquez,

    As understand I don’t have to publish my quiz on a LMS, but running it locally as a user, when I click the Post Result button, it asks me to login to Is this something that happens at the user end if I publish my quiz on a regular server, not a SCORM/AICC one?

    Thank you,

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