How to Build Animations in Flash CS4 for Adobe Captivate 4 Projects

By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter @rjacquez


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If you need to supplement your Adobe Captivate 4 eLearning projects with Flash animations, the process of creating Motion Tweens is now much easier in the latest version of Adobe Flash, CS4.

In this short recording, I go over the fundamentals of how to successful deveop animations in Adobe Flash CS4 for inclusion in Captivate 4 projects, and how to make sure they are fully compatible with you projects, including Actionscript version, Frame Per Second (FPS) and Project Size. 

In addition, the recording provides tips and best practices for how to use a Photoshop file as a background for the animation, and finally how to make sure you only publish the animation you need as a SWF.

Click here to launch the “Building Animations in Flash CS4 for Adobe Captivate 4” recording.

UPDATE! If you would like to follow along, you can download the exercise files used in this video tutorial by visiting the Getting Started with Adobe eLearning Suite page.

I hope you find this recording useful and if you want to learn when other similar recordings are available, please follow me on Twitter at


  • This looks great, thanks RJ.

  • Hi RJ,I hope you are well!I am hoping you might be able to assist me… I have problems with scorm compliance… I have published my course in Captivate 4 with the AS3 setting and it is not communicating with my scorm compliant LMS, I tried it out on the Rustici Test Track, however no luck there either.The problem doesn’t seem to be with the course, since once I publish to AS2 the scorm communication is fine!So I was just wondering what can be done to make the course with AS3 scorm compliant? Also any experiences good or bad with Captivate 4 and AS 3 would be very very helpful, as I am really stuck!!! Thanks so much for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated!Best regardsAnnemarie

  • Al Mason
  • Hi Al, I apologize for this broken link, which was working before. I’m checking with our Admin to figure out the problem and correct it asap. I will notify you when this has been resolved.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

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