Mobile Learning (m-Learning) Design for Learning Professionals

6-Hr Online Workshop with RJ Jacquez: March 28 - 29, 2017

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Danny Ortegon, independent eLearning consultant

Paul Weaver

“The M-Learning workshop was the best investment I’ve made in a long time. It is a “mobile first” look at how to build learning tools that not only work on the devices students are most likely to look at them on first, but then also to build them using responsive-design concepts that enable them to be viewed on literally anything connected to the web. His design concept of “Going Small by Going Big” is well thought through and graphically demonstrated. RJ Jacquez remade my to-do list for the next 18 months in just 6 hours.”

Katia Hamati, Instructional Designer

Katia Hamati, Instructional Designer

“An applicable, well-illustrated, informative and very relevant workshop that is tailored to everyone, from beginners to more advanced designers of mlearning. Plus, the workshop is well-presented and conducted in a warm and friendly manner by an enthusiastic speaker with a clear outstanding knowledge of the topic. I gained plenty of information to take away and to refer to as well. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is determined to learn more about mlearning!

Mobile Sets Learning Free

There’s a Revolution happening everywhere. It’s a Revolution unlike anything we have seen before in the history of computing. This amazing revolution is driven by these incredible devices we carry in our pockets with us everywhere we go. These devices turn on instantly and they make our lives better in a way the PC never did. For the first time we are free to move around, to create, to communicate, to share and yes, to “Learn” virtually anything, anytime and anywhere.

The Time to Mobilize Learning is Now!

Mobile has helped us mobilize our conversations, our calendars, our email, our music and learning is next! This mobile revolution is forcing us to “reimagine” everything we do, from the products we make, to the Learning we develop. This mobile revolution changes everything in Learning Design, from the way people learn new things by interacting with information on mobile devices, to the way we need to design the next generation of learning experiences for a new world, where learners are increasingly interacting in an ecosystem of screens.

Mobile sets learning free and represents an opportunity to reinvent our Industry, but it also raises new challenging questions for learning developers, namely:

    • What exactly is m-Learning and how is it different from e-Learning?
    • What happens to my existing Flash-based e-Learning now that Flash is not available on mobile devices?
    • Can I simply convert my existing e-Learning from the desktop to HTML5 and call it m-Learning?
    • Can I really create compelling Learning experiences for the small screen?
    • How do I design for a myriad of mobile devices with different screen sizes, resolutions and device capabilities?
    • Is m-Learning appropriate for my organization and how do I make a business case and a thorough strategy?
    • Do I need to develop native apps or deliver m-Learning via the mobile browser?
    • What is all the fuzz about TinCan, HTML5, Responsive Design, Progressive Enhancement and Mobile-first?
    • Can my existing e-Learning tools help me design effective m-Learning?



Isa David, Learning Technologies Advisor

Isa David, Learning Technologies Advisor

“There are very few online learning opportunities out there for m-learning. This course covers everything from WHY mobile, to development tools, to design dos and don’ts and more. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone embarking in mLearning.”


Here’s what you will learn in this action-packed 6-hr Workshop:

Icon - Check MarkWhy you should care about Mobile as the new medium for Learning

Icon - Check Mark Learn what TRUE m-Learning IS as well as what m-Learning is NOT

Icon - Check Mark Learn what the Opportunities and Challenges are for mobile learning

Icon - Check Mark Learn why converting and shrinking existing e-Learning to mobile leads to bad experiences for mobile learners

Icon - Check Mark Learn how to design learning experiences that align with mobile behaviors

Icon - Check Mark Learn Mobile Design Considerations: DOs and DON’Ts –> Navigation Elements –> Touch Targets –> Mobile Input –> Input Forms

Icon - Check Mark Learn how to Design Learning for Different Devices

Icon - Check Mark Develop the right mindset needed for m-Learning Design through Sketching Exercises

Icon - Check Mark Learn key mobile learning design lessons from mobile Apps

Icon - Check Mark Learn key Mobile Learning Design Principles (vs. e-Learning design)

Icon - Check Mark Understand the mobile learning landscape, technologies and tools

Icon - Check Mark How to get the most out of your existing e-Learning development tools for effective mLearning Design

Icon - Check Mark Profile and understand the expectations of the new Mobile Learner

Icon - Check Mark Take an existing e-Learning course and re-imagine it for Mobile, from prototype to final m-Learning solution

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Feedback after the Workshop:

Barry Galvin - eLearning Developer and Technical Writer

Barry Galvin – eLearning Developer and Technical Writer

“Many thanks indeed for an excellent mLearning course! I learned a huge amount about the importance of thinking mobile first. You have further increased my enthusiasm in this fast-moving and exciting industry that we are involved in. And also given me the confidence to begin the move away from Flash! Now, I had better start downloading all those cool apps! :)” linda-warren-mlearning-workshop

Who should attend this Workshop?

This workshop is for Learning Design Professionals, who want to do more than simply convert, shrink and retrofit existing eLearning courses into mobile devices. Because we live in a world that is increasingly mobile, this workshop has been designed for Learning Professionals, who recognize the urgency of leveraging mobile technologies for addressing current training needs centered around a solid mobile strategy. Workshop participants in the past have represented various departments within organizations, including Learning Technology Strategies, Human Resources, Learning and Development, Marketing Fields, IT, Research, Client Services, and they have all found it worthwhile.

What’s included during and after the Workshop

The mobile landscape changes rapidly, and this is why we don’t think learning about design should end after the workshop. The 6-hr workshop is just the beginning:

Icon - Check Mark 6 hours of Learning, Prototyping, Designing and Re-imagining Learning on Mobile

Icon - Check Mark A 300+ page PDF is provided with Slides, References, Resources, Mobile Design Best Practices and Hands-On Exercises:

Icon - Check Mark Registered Participants can Retake the Workshop any time at No additional Cost!

When: March 28 – 29, 2017

What Time: 9am – 12pm Pacific Time each day for a total of 6 hours.

Where: Online. A link will be provided after you Register

What’s included: Action-packed 6-hr Workshop; 300+ Page Workbook; Retake Workshop any time;

Cost: $399

  Register Now | March 28 – 29


Danny Ortegon, independent eLearning consultant

Danny Ortegon, independent eLearning consultant

“RJ Jacquez offers an excellent 6-hour m-Learning workshop that provides a terrific overview of mLearning including mobile design principles, platform considerations, learner experience, comparisons between mLearning and eLearning, as well as key strategic and tactical considerations. There are many different workshops and seminars on mLearning and eLearning these days. However, RJ’s offers unique mLearning expertise, examples, and insights that he readily shares while also encouraging an active and engaging participation with workshop participants. His workshop is engaging, fun, and well-paced and I would recommend it to those just getting into mLearning and to those who have already “jumped into” mobile design.”

About the Instructor:

RJ-Jacquez-landing-page-200pxRJ Jacquez helps organizations and individuals mobilize learning and make a successful transition from e-Learning to mobile learning. RJ is consistently at the forefront of the mobile learning revolution discussion and teaches a monthly course on how-to design Mobile Learning. Jacquez is Mobile Learning Evangelist, Consultant, Podcaster and Speaker, and is very passionate about mobile and mobile learning and maintain an active Blog called Mobile Learning Revolution Blog, where he share insights and his vision about m-Learning. Before starting his own business, RJ worked for Adobe Systems and Macromedia as a worldwide Senior Evangelist for the e-Learning products. He is honored to be among great company in the following lists and articles: 1) m-Learning’s game changers: Who’s on your dream team? ( 2) Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communications ( 3) Top 20 most influential tweeters in e-Learning, training and HR ( 4) Jacquez was also mentioned in this article on Why Every Company Needs a Robert Scoble (infographic) for my work as an Adobe Evangelist (

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