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Whether you are a brand new user of Adobe Captivate 4, or an existing user exploring the new features and how these can increase productivity, here are two onDemand resources to help you along the way.

Adobe Captivate 4 for New Users

Last Friday, 7/17/09, I hosted a live eSeminar on how to get started using Adobe Captivate 4 for new users, and I’m happy to report that it went well. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording by clicking HERE.

New Features in Adobe Captivate 4

This eSeminar was delivered back on
03/06/09 and to date, it’s one of the most popular recordings. In case you haven’t watched it, and are exploring the new features in version 4, you can click HERE.

Real-time Tips & Tricks on Adobe Captivate 4

If you would like to increase your knowledge on Adobe Captivate and other Adobe applications, please consider following me on Twitter @rjacquez, for real-time tips & tricks, such as these recent tweets:


  • Doris

    I work for a large utility company in AZ. I would have to get special approvals from about 3 areas to have access to Twitter. Can you tell me if the other resources here cover pretty much what you have on Twitter? For those of us with rigid corporate security policies, Twitter is not an effective communication tool. I’m just about to upgrade to v.4 and I’d like to think I have access to all the resources available. Thanks!

  • Hi Doris, thank you for your comment! I try my best to also post most of the information on my blog that I share on Twitter. However because of the real-time nature of Twitter, it’s almost impossible to post all of it, so I would also recommend that you follow me on Twitter from your home computer if you can. This is something many of my followers do, who are in similar rigid corporate environments.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  • Hi RJ,I really enjoyed yesterday’s Captivate and Adobe Connect webinar (9/12/09).Can you send a link to the recording? I would like to share it with the other team members.Thanks,Rebekah

  • nj

    Hi RJI attended your webinar “Interactivity in Virtual Classrooms: Adobe Captivate 4 and Connect Pro” You used a map of the world to demonstrate and engaging activity. It displayed the location of the people attending the session. You said you would make the map available on tweeter and/or your blog. I have not been able to find it. Could you attach it in an email and send it to me or send the location of the file?Thanks NJ

  • Sanjiv

    The link for the “Adobe Captivate 4 for New Users” is broken. Can you kindly fix it? Thanks.

  • Hi Sanjiv, I thank for your comment and for bringing this to my attention. I have corrected it, so please give it another shot. Thanks again.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

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