Take this Adobe Captivate 5 Quiz and Publish the results to Acrobat.com

Since we announced Adobe Captivate 5, I have been blogging and posting video on various new features in the new version, and one of the videos, which has garnered the most interest and views to date is, Publishing, Tracking and Reporting Quiz Results in Adobe Captivate 5, no LMS required [VIDEO].

Many people have asked me since then what the experience will be like for Learners taking Captivate eLearning courses, which have this Acrobat.com functionality enabled.

Today I created a short Quiz and published it to my Blog, in order to enable you to test exactly what the experience will be like for your learners.

Here’s what you need to take the Quiz and publish the results to Acrobat.com:

  1. You need to have an Acrobat.com ID and password, which is completely free. This will serve to identify each learner. This is the same ID (email) and password you use to download an Adobe trial, or to participate in an eSeminar, or to sign in to Acrobat.com and Photoshop.com, etc.
  2. Complete all 6 Questions.
  3. Click the “Post Results” button at the end of the Quiz.
  4. When prompted, enter your Adobe ID and Password. This is completely safe and even I will not see or have access to this information. If you don’t have an Adobe ID and password, click the “Create Adobe ID” link to create an account.
  5. Click Sign In after entering your Adobe ID and Password. During this step, Acrobat.com will authenticate you.
  6. The final step is to click the “Send” button.

As illustrated in the video I posted on this topic, I will then use my own Acrobat.com ID and password, along with the included Adobe Captivate 5 Quiz Results Analyzer to generate a report.


Click HERE to launch the Quiz in a new window.


  • I’m glad you made a little error in your error captions since I wouldn’t of thought of this. I’m assuming you are “shuffling” answers – the incorrect caption for question 1 says “The correct answer is A” which is what I selected – but if you instead said “The correct answer is the greenhouse effect” it would of worked with the shuffled quiz selections…something to add to my best practices of feedback in case we enable that feature in our quizzing.

  • It would be great to get a video of how the results look in Acrobat.com and what reports can be run.

  • RJ Jacquez

    Will do, Nick.RJ Jacquez

  • I posted my results to Acrobat, but cannot see any results in my Acrobat account (am I supposed too?) Also, for question #1, I selected A, but the quiz said that I was wrong and that the correct answer was A.

  • RJ Jacquez

    Hi Nick, thanks for pointing this out as I selected shuffle answers for all questions by mistake. I have corrected this and uploaded the new version of the QuizThanks again,RJ Jacquez

  • RJ Jacquez

    Hi Katie, thanks for taking this quiz.Regarding the incorrect feedback for question #1, that was my bad as i selected “shuffle answer” for this and thus the incorrect feedback. I have corrected this and uploaded a newer version of the Quiz.As for not seeing anything on your Acrobat.com account, this is normal, as I’m the only one that sees the results since I was the developer and originator of the Quiz. I will publish a video on how to manage these results and generate reports.Thanks again,RJ Jacquez

  • P Censullo

    Can you make your sample GoingGreen quiz available for download?

  • Derek

    I am wondering how I can capture the users name when capturing the results and sending them the this web server??

    Can anybody help me here??

  • Wlw

    I noticed in one of your presentations you were able to input a more detailed explanation for why an answer is correct or not. Could you tell me please where this detailed info is added so it could be displayed during the User review? At this time, all I am able to get is the “Red X” and “Green check-mark”.  

  • Jordan Cho

    the link doesn’t seem to work. Says page not found. When posting the result, it keeps saying acrobat login error.

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