The best Presentation on Social Learning and the New Role for Educators

I’m fascinated by the impact Social Media has had on just about everything we do, including how we learn and how we share knowledge with our peers. It’s no exaggeration to say that we are now learning something new all the time, from just about anywhere there’s a connection, and through just about any mobile device.

I can’t think of a better time in history to be alive than now.

Some people may call this Social Learning, or Informal Learning, I just call it Learning.

Last week I was on looking for a good presentation on Social Learning that would inspire me and I came across this one by TribalCafe and I was extremely impressed with it. I have embedded the entire presentation below.

There is one slide in particular that caught my eye, entitled ‘The New Role in Education.’

Social Media changes everything for Educators, it’s a revolution that takes us from being passive content consumers, who sit on the sidelines, to being passionate producers of information we share with our learners.

I wanted to highlight this presentation on my Blog in case you haven’t see it and I’ve reached out to TribalCafe for an Interview on the subject, so I will keep you posted.

Check it out and let me know the Impact that Social Media has had on you as an Educator by leaving a comment.

Social Learning

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