The New Articulate Storyline iPad App and mLearning [VIDEOS]

Mayra Aixa Villar:

As Instructional Designers, every day, we look for that spark of inspiration that can help us design our next eLearning project. We strongly believe in simple but still engaging designs, and for that reason, we’re always trying to find creative ideas to present learning content in order to get our message across. By reading about different techniques, trying different tools and exploring mobile apps, it’s amazing how much new insight one can gain. Our main goal is to transform any piece of information into an endearing, meaningful learning experience.

This is why I agree with Kasper Spiro as he makes a case for finding a new metaphor for eLearning:

I’m convinced that we have to find a new metaphor for e-Learning in order to bring e-Learning to the next level. The old book-metaphor with chapters and pages is well suited for linear courses, but it doesn’t work for more flexible individual approaches of e-Learning.

via A new methaphor for e-Learning – Challenge to learn.

In my opinion, the need to look for new metaphors for learning becomes even more crucial if we seek to make a successful transition from eLearning to mobile learning (mLearning).

Because of that constant pursuit of new ideas, metaphors and new tools, what started as a simple project in order to try out the shiny new Articulate Storyline product, ended up being an interesting demo that includes plenty in the way of interactivity. Easy-to-use triggers, powerful interactive objects as well as slide layers allowed me to create an interactive infographic with a software application that as Tom Kuhlmann describes it, democratizes eLearning.

Rapid elearning played a role in the evolution of elearning mostly because it took course creation out of the hands of a few programmers and placed it into the hands of anyone who wanted to create a course.

I see this as the democratization of elearning. And it runs parallel to how digital media’s empowered people all over the world to create and deliver content using a host of online tools and social media applications.

via The Next Generation of E-Learning » The Rapid eLearning Blog.

RJ Jacquez:

I continue to be very impressed with the new Articulate Storyline product. I’m especially impressed with how straightforward it is to publish any project for consumption on the iPad using the new Articulate Mobile Player iPad app. During my last year at Adobe, one of the questions I heard over and over, was how could eLearning developers enable learners to consume learning content on their iPads. I believe Articulate has been able to address this need with the launch of Storyline and their iPad app. Obviously mobile means much more than the iPad, and much work needs to be done beyond an iPad app, but I think having an iPad strategy is an excellent start and I expect that Articulate will continue to strengthen their mobile learning story in future versions of Storyline and Studio.

The other challenge we have as we continue to embrace mobile learning is thinking outside the eLearning box. I have written before that it’s human nature to bring existing principals we feel comfortable with, as we face new paradigm shifts. In eLearning and mLearning terms, this means that as we transition to mLearning, it might seem obvious to try and apply what has traditionally worked in eLearning into the smaller screen, but I would advice against that. Instead we need to figure out new ways of engaging the next generation of mobile learners. This is why I liked the interactive infographic project that Mayra shared with me because it shows that she’s starting to think outside the eLearning box, as she looks for new ways to present content. I also found it very interesting just how much one can do using very few slides in Storyline. I have been looking for an opportunity to do a screencast on some of the features I really like about Storyline and also demo the ease with which one can publish a project for consumption on the iPad using the Articulate Mobile Player app.

Below are two screencasts I recorded using this infographic project. The first is an overview of Articulate Storyline based on my experience with Adobe Captivate, and the second is a demo of how to publish for iPad and, what it’s like to interact with the content using the app.

In closing, if you have an iPad and want to try this infographic project yourself click the button below using your iPad’s mobile safari browser. I recommend you watch the videos first in order to better understand the entire process:


Launch button

Please check them out and let us know what you think.

  • Itesmit

    Thank. I like this blog very mutch and it inspires me to start making e-learning for my collegues at our non-profit organisation.

    • rjacquez

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and letting me know this post inspired you. I wish you the very best with your eLearning work. Thank you!

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