Web 2.0 Documentation using Adobe AIR and RoboHelp 8 OnDemand Recording

By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter @rjacquez

Once again, I’m happy to report that yesterday’s (03/26/09) live eLearning session on Building Web 2.0 User Assistance using Adobe AIR and RoboHelp 8 went extremely well and I thank everyone who participated!

BTW, this session is also applicable to eLearning Professionals, who would like to learn how Adobe AIR and RoboHelp 8 can create powerful Performance Support Systems.

During the session, we went over the following 5 Lessons:

Lesson 1: The ABCs of Adobe AIR and Web 2.0

Lesson 2: Building your first Adobe AIR application in RoboHelp 8

Lesson 3: Customizing AIR RoboHelp Projects

Lesson 4: Understanding Updates, Bookmarking and Commenting

Lesson 5: Using the Adobe Help Viewer to Combine multiple RoboHelp projects using .RHA and XML files

The recording also provides a download of a sample AIR application and also the ability to test the auto-update feature.

I copied and pasted below a few of the comments I received through the chat pod during the session, regarding the question What does Web 2.0 mean to you?

“3D Capabilities”


“Interactivity between document and user”

“interactive experience”

“More collaborative tools such as Twitter, podcasts, forums, blogs, wikis”

My point was to make the connection between Web 2.0 and what users are expecting to find in Documentation and here’s what I think the impact Web 2.0 experiences has on Technical Documentation, more on the recording:

Finally, here are some excerpts of some of the feedback I received from those who participated in the live session, I especially like the first one and more specifically the text in bold:

“Excellent session. I was a complete novice about AIR. I’m impressed.”

“Very interesting session showing the future of interactive documentation and online help. RoboHelp 8 is a great update of RoboHelp 7.”

“Presentation was clear, organized, thorough, and blew me away. What a wonderful product! Thank you.”

“Yes, very useful, as it’s a shown up a couple of possibilities that we hadn’t considered, and fixed a couple of misconceptions and confusions.”

“For us, as I suspect for many others, internal review will be our first application, and so has to work. Once we have this successful ‘proof of concept’ we would demonstrate what we can do internally to visiting user groups, and then discuss how they might want this sort of technology implemented on their own sites. It’s clear the AIR help proposition has moved on since I first saw it, and I’d love to use the technology as a driver for updating our Adobe software across the board, perhaps with TCS2.”

“Excellent presentation! Will you be showing this at WritersUA?”

I hope you enjoy the recording, and please take a few minutes to share your thoughts about the recordings and Adobe AIR in Tech Comm in general.  If you are already building AIR applications using RoboHelp, click here to share your experience. 

This same for is available at the end of the recording and you can click on it to launch it and provide feedback.

Click here to launch the Building Web 2.0 User Assistance and EPSS with Adobe AIR and RoboHelp 8 recorded session.

TIP: when you are watching any Acrobat Connect Pro demonstration (including the ones in this recording), something you may want to try is to click the “Scroll” button at the bottom left of the Connect Pro window, which will help you zoom in closer and follow the action around the presenter’s mouse.  To the right is what the button looks like in all Connect Pro recordings.

I have already started working on the next eLearning session,
Natively reusing FrameMaker 9 documents in RoboHelp 8 in the Technical Communication Suite 2.”


  • Bobby

    Thanks for blogging about the recording. I am currently a new user of the Technical Communication Suite 2 and am interested in creating content/help for my RIAs.

  • Hi Bobby, thank you for your comment and I’m glad you are looking into adding Help to your Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using Adobe AIR and RoboHelp 8. Once you have a prototype ready, I’d love to check it out.Thanks again,RJ Jacquez

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