For All Things Adobe Captivate on Twitter use the #AdobeCaptivate hashtag [SIMULATION]

I’m about two weeks away from fully immersing myself in my new role at Adobe as eLearning Evangelist.

While we are still finalizing the overall plan for how I will best contribute to the team, one thing is for sure, we have big plans for leveraging Social Media in order to help our customers get the most out of our Adobe eLearning products.

One Social Learning platform I’m looking forward to taking advantage of is Twitter, because of the ease with which a community can discover and share information.

One of the most effective ways of staying organized on Twitter and unite tweets around topics of interest is via hashtags.

For those new to Twitter, a hashtag start with an # symbol, followed by the name of the tag. A popular hashtag on Twitter is #FollowFriday, or the shorter version, #FF, which people use on Fridays to recommend their favorite Twitter users.

Over time, hashtags can also be overused (and sometimes even abused) as is the case for the hashtag #Captivate, which now includes tweets about the Samsung Captivate phone, there’s also a company called Captivate, and of course all the other stuff that goes along with the word Captivate itself.

For a long time I have been proposing to our community to exclusively use #AdobeCaptivate whenever Tweeting about Adobe Captivate. Doing so will enable us to unite all Tweets around the globe in one place, whenever referring to our Adobe Captivate product.

So, if you are still not on Twitter, you are missing out and I highly recommend that you join the revolution. If you are new to Twitter or unfamiliar with hashtags, here’s a short Adobe Captivate Simulation on how to add a Column on TweetDeck for the #AdobeCaptivate hashtag:

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