Here’s Why I am Excited about Google Glass [Video]


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When you consider that the average smartphone user checks his/her device 150 times per day, it doesn’t take much to realize that the next big thing will be wearable computing.

Smartphones are incredibly smart, they help us in so many ways throughout our day (maps, reminders, status updates, etc.), but we still have to pull them out of our pockets or purses constantly, and therein lies the advantages of wearing them in some way.

This is why it isn’t surprising to me that Almost every major consumer electronics manufacturer is now working on a smart watch.

However smart watches only get us half way there, for one thing we will still have to raise our hands to put them at face level, or look down at our wrist to see the same notifications we already get on our smartphones. Secondly, today’s smart watches aren’t a viable replacement for our smartphones, most of the videos I have seen of smart watches show they merely serve to display the same notifications we get on our smartphones.

The killer apps in the wearable computing era will be to make the experience so seamless, you forget you are even wearing them.

Enter Google Glass!

I don’t yet have a pair of Google Glass, but I have watched enough videos and read enough articles about it, and used plenty of smartphones and tablets to know this is the future of computing.

This is also why I’m not surprised that in 2012, Time called Google Glass “Best Invention of the Year.”

To get an idea for how Google Glass works, take a look at this short video:

I’m a big believer in that the best user interface is the one that gets out-of-the-way, the one we don’t see or even notice, the one that just works. Smartphone are great but they still require us to get them out of our pockets, look for and launch the right app and use their awkward onscreen keyboards as input methods.

Wearable computers like Google Glass will provide a more seamless computing experience because they will always be there when we need them and will understand our voice better than Siri does today, and will predict things for us even before we ask for them, based on where we are and what we are doing.

There’s something magical about recording video or taking a photo without using our hands and that’s one of the many things Google Glass will empower us to do.

I recently bought a couple of electric scooters for my son and I, and it has been a lot of fun to enjoy the outdoors with my boy. But I wanted to record the experience so I went ahead and purchased a GoPro Hero 3 camera, along with a chest mount harness, and you won’t believe just how steady the hands-free videos come out. I suppose this is the closest I have gotten to wearing Google Glass.

A hands-free video of my son riding his electric scooter using a GoPro camera and a Chest Mount Harness.

A screen shot of a hands-free video of my son riding his electric scooter using a GoPro camera and a Chest Mount Harness, while riding my own scooter.

In the Connection Economy we live in, Google Glass is going to revolutionize how we learn new things and share what we know almost instantly. Imagine all the how-to videos that are going to be recorded and shared, it will be like everyone wearing the best screen recording software all the time and sharing the world around us.

Google Glass will no doubt be a game-changer for Education and Mobile Learning and this is why I’m very excited about it!

I leave you with this video I use when I teach my mLearning workshop and recently played during my keynote presentation for the ASTD Houston conference.

via Explorer Story: Andrew Vanden Heuvel [through Google Glass] – YouTube.

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