Learning Guided Access: The Killer New Feature in iOS 6 for Parents [Screencast]

The iPad has been called many things, including the ultimate babysitter. If you have kids and an iPad, you know what I’m talking about.

Indeed the iPad is a great entertainment device for kids, but it’s also an excellent learning device with tons of Learning Apps available for kids of all ages.

However kids have a very short attention span, they get easily distracted and quickly reach for the home button in order to get out of that amazing learning app you just bought them, and off to exploring other things, like rearranging your apps all over the place, or worse deleting your emails, posting on Twitter and Facebook on your behalf, or watching videos on YouTube.

Can you tell that I have a 6 year old son?

Luckily for all of us parents there’s an amazing new feature in the latest iOS update from Apple, version 6, called Learning Guided Access.

This feature allows you to prevent your kids from leaving a particular app, as well as disables the physical buttons on your iPad, in order to eliminate distractions.

Here’s a short screencast I recorded to guide you through the process:

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