Linking FrameMaker 9 Books in RoboHelp 8: Recordings Now Availables

By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter @rjacquez

I’m happy to report that today’s (05/01/09) live eLearning session on Linking FrameMaker 9 Books in RoboHelp 8 via the Technical Communication Suite 2, went extremely well and I thank everyone who participated!

The complete session is broken up into the following two recordings. It’s highly recommended that you watch both sessions in the right order to get the most out of the session:

Linking FrameMaker 9 Books in RoboHelp 8 via Adobe Technical Communication Suite
(Part 1 of 2)

Lesson 1: Getting Started in RoboHelp

Lesson 2: Linking your first FrameMaker book in RoboHelp

Lesson 3: Understanding the Conversion Process

Linking FrameMaker 9 Books in RoboHelp 8 via Adobe Technical Communication Suite
(Part 2 of 2)

Lesson 4: Mapping Styles

Lesson 5: Working with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Lesson 6: Creating a Project Template using the new RoboHelp 8 Scripts

Hope you find these sessions informative and if you have any feedback, please leave a comment.


  • Lisa Jorgensen

    Hi RJ Jacquez,I watched this video and it’s very informative. I saved a template of my project using SaveAsProjectTemplate.jsx. Now I can’t seem to find it. Where should I look and what should I be looking for?Thanks,Lisa

  • Richard Inch

    Hello RJ Jacquez,I’ve upgraded from FM6 to TCS2. I just watched your eLearning session on Linking FrameMaker 9 Books in RoboHelp 8 via the Technical Communication Suite 2. Excellent! Unfortunately, when actually using RoboHelp to link to the FM book, I get the message, “Unable to install RoboHelp plugin for FrameMaker. Please close FrameMaker and try again.” But, as soon as I can resolve this stumbling block, I look forward to using RoboHelp with FM! Your eSeminar is so full of information, I’m sure I’ll watch it a few more times.I’ve watched other eSsminars that you’ve created. All of them are truly worthwhile learning experiences.Thanks for your great work,Richard

  • Hi Richard,In general the connection between FrameMaker and RoboHelp in TCS2 happens automatically, however we have seen rare cases where the message below does appear. In theses cases, I would recommend the following manual steps to correct this issue:1. Navigate to this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\rjacquez\Application Data \Adobe\FrameMaker\9. I have included my local path, so you need to substitute with your own username.2. Locate the Maker.ini file and ideally make a backup of it, just in case.3. In the [APIClients] section of the maker.ini file, add the following line, again making sure you are including the correct path:RH4FMver9=Standard,RH4FMver9,C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2\Adobe RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML\RHFrameMakerServer9.dll,all4. You should now be able to launch RoboHelp and when you “link” FrameMaker files, the FrameMaker application should launch correctly.Please let me know and I will also post this on my blog below the message you left. Sorry about the troubles and I do thank you for using our TCS2 apps!Sincerely,RJ Jácquez

    • Pjohnson

      One of my employees is getting this same problem today (Jan 2012) and this is not fixing it.  Any other suggestions?

  • Dawn

    Hello RJ,Just looked at your presentation and wanted to verify something that you said. You have to have TC2 to link Framework files? I cannot have Framework 9 and Robohelp 8 alone?Thanks,Dawn

  • Hey RJ,Great video! I learned a lot. I’m looking for a way to exclude a cross-reference from my online Help. In our FM docs, we use cross-references with building blocks, for example Chapter Number, Chapter Name. In the online Help, I want to convert the Chapter Name to ‘$paratext’ like you suggested, but I don’t want to include the Chapter Number element at all.I don’t see a way to exclude a cross-reference element from the output, like you can do with styles. How can I accomplish this? Thanks a lot!

  • RJ Jacquez

    Hi Kathi, thank you for your comment. It sounds like you are doing everything correctly, as selecting should in fact provide the results you need.Any chance you can share a screen shot of this step with me via email? Here’s my email rjacquez (at) adobe.comRJ Jacquez

  • Martha Lee


    I’ve been trying to watch RJ Jacquez’s presentation, but everytime I start it, it seems to start twice, so there are two sessions overlapping. Any one else have this problem? I’ve tried it in FireFox and Explorer.

  • Martha Lee

    Please guys, I could really use some help on this. To clarify my last post, when I play this video, a few seconds after it starts, another instance of the audio begins. A few seconds later, another instance of the audio begins, and so forth. So by about 1 minute into the video, there are at least 3 or 4 instances of RJ talking, and they overlap, but do not coincide. So I can’ t understand a thing that is being said. I also tried to watch one of RJ’s presentations on AdobeTV. The audio wasn’t overlapping, but the video keep restarting. It almost looks like that in both cases, as more data is being received by my computer, the video is either being restarted or I end up with multiple instances of the video running in my browser. Anybody have any idea what the problem might be? I’ve tried this in FireFox and Internet Explorer (64-bit), and I’m running Windows XP64.


  • RJ Jacquez

    Hi Martha, thanks for your comment. I don’t have a 64bit system to test this, but I’m thinking this might be the reason. Let me check with our Adobe TV team and in the meantime, do you have a 32bit system you can use for now?


  • KP

    Thank you for these videos, they were of great help to me in learning about the TCS Suite 2 (what we use at my company right now). Please don’t take them down. Also are there related videos or documentation with best practice on how to set up Framemaker documents before they are linked? I cannot get my FM glossary to display correctly when linked in Robohelp. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • KH

    These videos about linking FrameMaker books in RoboHelp are great, and I would like to view them again. However, when I click the above links (for Part 1 of 2 & Part 2 of 2), I get “error processing your request.” I assume something is wrong with the link. Please fix, so I can view these again! Thanks much.

  • Steve M

    The links appear to be broken. Are the videos available elsewhere?

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