Mobile Learning is where the Puck is Going to Be [#mLearning]


My apologies for the delay in blogging since my last post. I have been busy launching my workshop on how to transition from e-Learning to m-Learning. Now that this workshop is up-and-running, I’m back with more thoughts on the mobile learning revolution.

Last night I returned home from attending a conference in Houston, TX, called e-Learning Symposium 2013, which is put together by MicroAssist, Inc.

I was invited to attend and present my workshop and I was very happy that I did as it was very much worth the trip.

I met a lot of great people and had a very tuned-in group of 13 Learning Designers participating in my workshop. Everyone was eager to learn more about how to design learning experiences that are optimized for touch on mobile devices.

One exercise in particular at the end of section 1 drew quite a bit of audience participation (you can see below), namely “How has mobile impacted your life? What are your mobile epiphanies?” My goal with this exercise is to get learning designers to take a moment to reflect on the impact mobile has had on their own lives. I believe this is an essential step in making sure we don’t take mobile for granted and instead realize just how powerful this new deliver medium is and the impact it has had on the way we do things today.

mLearning Workshop Exercise

mLearning Workshop Exercise

I was very pleasantly surprised when everyone had so much to say after I gave them 5 minutes to think about it. I heard things like how thanks to mobile, they had started reading more and how thanks to mobile they had to prepare less when traveling, because everything was on the device; someone else mentioned that his 97 year old Grandmother had an iPad and love it; someone else said that because of mobile they were now looking at desktop software very differently and how thanks to apps her son got an A on Reading, and on and on. I find this exercise to be helpful for developing the right mindset for mobile learning design.

In closing, I want to share a quote by the great Wayne Gretzky, which I started using in my presentations on mLearning, and one that I think epitomizes the urgency with which we should look at mobile learning and this incredible mobile revolution:

A great lesson for all of us in Learning Design

A great lesson for all of us in Learning Design

Simply put in Learning Design terms, today e-Learning is where the puck is, however, I have no doubt, m-Learning is where the puck is going to be and where we need to invest resources now, because as an Industry, we cannot afford to get mobile learning wrong.

Thank You for reading. Please share and let’s take Action Now!


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