My First 10 Screenr Video Tips and how other Screencasters use the Service

Since posting 10 Things I love about, I have been recording my own screencasts almost daily as a way to stay creative by sharing tips on some of my favorite utilities, apps and browser extensions that help me stay productive.

One great thing about Blogging is the comments you get from other people who also use the tools you blog about.

You can read all the comments at the bottom of the original post, but here are some ways my Readers use

Before, I started using it, I was concerned about not being able to edit but what I found is that it just made me plan and rehearse better. Cathy Rodriguez

I’ve used it for making quick courses for coworkers and for instantly solving problems for customers. It’s a treat! OpenSesame

I love Screenr too! I’ve been using it for a ton of different uses from giving quick tips to fellow employees to quick documentation for our customers. Kelly Ping

As a footnote, it has proved invaluable for Articulate as a technical support tool so customers can screencast cases they submit to us. And, business customers are loving Screenr Business and it’s many additional capabilities. Mark Schwartz

I also find it helpful for writing tutorials. I like to begin with Screenr and then write the tutorial. That process really helps me write actionable steps without a lot of extra commentary. David Anderson

One of the other things I really love about Screenr is how helpful it is when preparing for live presentations. I spoke at mLearnCon this summer and practiced my presentation multiple times and created screencasts of each section of my topic. It was really helpful for rehearsing and figuring out week points in my presentation. Dave Mozealous

I found that the five minute limit has helped me stay on task with the core message. When I first started, I’d ramble on and then see I had 30 seconds left. I’ve learned to do less rambling. 🙂 Tom Kuhlmann

If you don’t use, I believe you are missing out and you should start today by sharing what you are passionate about with other people who share your same interests. Screenr is easy, free and keeps you sharp. If you already use the service, please leave a comment and let you know what you screencast about.

Here are my first 10 Screenr Video Tips:

Two useful Chrome Extensions for measuring anything on your screen in pixels.

How to Embed interactive, clickable and live Tweets in your Blog post vs. static screenshots.

How to use Evernote Clearly to remove all distractions and enjoy what u read online.

A Twitter Search Tip for making sure you never miss a mention or RT, especially from newcomers.

How to use proper grammar when Tweeting in another language. Also how to Translate Tweets in TweetDeck.

How-to video on doing a Twitter Advanced Search for #followfriday or #ff mentions.

How to embed your own daily in your Blog.

Adding an App to Tom Kuhlmann’s (@tomkuhlmann) list of 5 Free Desktop Image Editor for E-Learning.

What I like about Twitter vs. Facebook, including Hashtags and how to track anything in TweetDeck.

How to add interactive image galleries to eBooks in Apple iBooks Author.



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