My Thoughts on Adobe, Captivate, Articulate, Storyline, Mobile Learning and More [Interview]

This morning, I had the opportunity to be on #eLearnChat, a video Podcast hosted by my good friend Rick Zanotti and Jean Franzblau. The one hour interview felt more like 20 minutes to me, as I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Here are some topics we covered and my honest thoughts on how I feel about them:

  • My departure from Adobe and my thoughts on the new corporate world
  • My Thoughts on Adobe Captivate and the challenges ahead
  • How I see the upcoming Articulate Storyline product impacting the Captivate business, and changing things in eLearning
  • Why I’m excited about Apple iBooks Author beyond Apple’s walled-garden and EULA
  • Mobile Learning and Tablets
  • Twitter, TweetDeck and the other Social networks
  • Why I feel Content Curation is important
  • Apple iOS vs Android and Flipboard
  • And much more

I have embedded the video here. If you have any questions, thoughts or any other topic you wish we could have covered, please leave a comment below.

via eLearnChat 44: RJ Jacquez Unleashed!!! from RELATECORP on Vimeo.


  • Robert Gadd

    Great interview, RJ. Not only did I enjoy the discussion, I learned a few new things too.  BTW, our experience in enterprise mobile learning on tablets in the last six months has shifted from “all about iPads” to now be a fairly close race between customers/partners splitting between iOS and Android-based devices — sometimes exclusively and even together in some instances.  Not much has been written about these programs or their outcomes yet but they are coming and I am happy to share some insights at some point.  And the other trend we’re seeing that’s certainly inline with group’s commentary during your discussion is how ePUBs are changing the way our customers are thinking about and delivering learning experiences.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Robert, many thanks for your comment and I’m really glad you enjoyed the discussion. I’m so glad to hear that in your organization that conversation has shifted beyond ‘All about iPads,’ this is the first I hear this and I’ve always thought this is important. I’d love to hear more about the outcome of your research whenever you are able to share. Great to hear about ePUB, too. I strongly believe that one thing we need to do in any industry is quickly adjust to the new expectations of our content consumers; they should dictate a lot of the innovations we pursue. Thank you, Robert!

  • RJ, you’re spot on.  Storyline will be a game changer.  I’ve also been experimenting with Zebra Apps and it’s been great getting out of the Captivate bubble.  What an amazing time to be in the learning industry!  We’re witnessing a power shift from Flash based content to HTML5 + JavaScript + CSS content for mobile devices.  We’re also seeing some great competition… not just in eLearning tools, but for community.  The big players are realizing there’s more to eLearning than the tools they provide… it’s the community of Instructional Designers, Content Developers, Designers, Software Developers, Content Curators, and Bloggers… as a community, we have power that can sway their success or failure. Adobe has come very late to this game trying to use Get Satisfaction for their forums.  If it wasn’t for you, Adobe would have been a very cold and faceless organization.  Letting you go was confirmation that their MO won’t change.  They simply don’t get relationships.  Articulate is just the converse and it’s great to have an example of a company who gets people and is doing things right.  I’m glad you’ve been set free.  Now we get to see you’re creativity come to light!  Thanks for the many years at Adobe, and I’m looking forward to the amazing things you’ll do in the future.  Godspeed! 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jim, first many thanks for the comment and the kind words. I completely agree with you in that there’s a shift going on right now, from the brands having all the power to the community running the show. I’m with you on your comments about Adobe and I remember putting myself in the shoes of our customers when I was there, and not liking the feeling too much, especially as it pertained to bad customer services and outrages price difference for our customers outside of the US. A worthy competitor to Captivate was much needed for a long time and I’m hopefully this will turn out to be a great thing for Captivate users in the long run because of the pressure I believe Articulate will put on the Captivate business. Btw, I also foresee an opportunity for people like you (and me) who understand Captivate really well as I see loads of people switching to Storyline from Captivate, so be ready. Thanks again for the awesome comment.

  • Anonymous

    Great podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to Articulate Storyline and your unbiased review of it when it releases.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Scott, many thanks for leaving a comment and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. I’ve already started my review of Articulate Storyline from a Captivate perspective and will post it the day Storyline arrives. Thanks.

  • Great cast! I haven’t been so excited about a blog in while. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks! Very enjoyable and appreciated your insights on the directions of things! Education is getting exciting!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Terri, thanks watching the recording and I’m with you on the whole idea of Education 2.0, very exciting stuff. So many exciting trends going on today. Talk about living in exciting time. Thanks!

  • Hi RJ, Just saw your pod cast. Also read your blog post on iAuthor and iTunesU and your enthusiasm about what it could do for future of mLearning. We had some point of view on that which I am tempted to share with you (our blog post). You may have come across this already as Mayra also curated it on her Scoop it page. But here is the link just in case you missed it. Would love to know your feedback on that, Thanks.  

  • Vinayak Kadam

    Thanks RJ for sharing your thoughts. In my 7 years experience of elearning development I have come across many clients who start up with rapid elearning tools and end up completing the project in Adobe Flash due to heavy magnitude of interests in high-fi and engaging animations which are quite not cost effective if developed in rapid development tools as eventually they take same amount of time for development. But if we are discussing about iOS and HTML5 enabled devices then there is no question of Flash and the only tools that are worth to be researched are like Articulate Storyline. I feel it to be a challenging tool but prior to Articulate Storyline I loved to use Lectora and in my opinion if Lectora comes up with a HTML5 publisher of content, it would be the only challenge to Articulate Storyline. After viewing your interview I am interested to learn about the future developments so please keep us posted. Thanks once again for the wonderful job you are doing!

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