President Obama issues a directive Urging Focus on the growing Mobile Revolution

Historically, the government has always fallen behind the private sector in embracing technology. This may be about to change with mobile.

This morning I came across this article on The Verge, on how our President Obama orders federal agencies to think about how they can optimize sites for smartphones and Tablets. Powerful stuff and certainly a sign of the mobile times:

President Obama has issued a directive to urge major government agencies to focus on the “growing mobile revolution.” In a note issued by The White House this week, Obama says “it is time for the Federal Government to do more” to assist American people using Government services on smartphones or tablets. “American people have been forced to navigate a labyrinth of information across different Government programs in order to find the services they need,”

via President Obama orders federal agencies to optimize sites for smartphones and tablets | The Verge.

I love how President Obama specifically mentions the ‘growing mobile revolution’ because that is precisely what I believe is taking place right now all around us.

The key takeaway here is that whatever field you may be in, you should be focusing on thinking mobile, too. This goes for eLearning Professionals, who may still be focused solely on developing learning for the desktop.

Mobile and Mobile Learning (mLearning) is the next big thing and is happening now!

Are you ready for it and have you started thinking Mobile?

  • this is very exciting for people like me who are new to this field! thanks for your great work, I am learning a ton!

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