Product Design is about Emotional Experiences [Video]


One of the greatest outcomes from the constant use of mobile devices, apps and everything else in our lives that is slowly being connected to the internet is that for the first time, regular everyday users care about the ’emotional experience’ of using products, apps, and everything else we come into contact throughout our days.

I love listening to people talk about their favorite smartphones and how they make passionate arguments about why they prefer them over the competition.  Try asking “and how does that make you feel?”

Think about your own daily experiences, I bet you find yourself (I know I do) coming up with ideas for how the everyday appliances in your house can be easily improved with a few tweaks.

Suddenly we have all become Interaction Designers! And in my opinion that is a great thing, because this type of thinking makes you better at whatever it is you do.

This morning I came across this great video where several leading designers were asked to describe five of their favorite design experiences and describe the reasons why they felt an emotional connection to these experiences.

“The design of a product isn’t really about aesthetics, it’s about the experience created from the product”

via 5 designers pick their 5 favorite product experiences, hear more at Roadmap — Tech News and Analysis.

Here’s the video, it’s well worth watching it in its entirety:

Chime in with your own experiences and reasons for the emotional connection!

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