Social Media in Technical Communication: Matthew Ellison interviews RJ Jacquez

In September, I had the opportunity to travel to the UK to attend and speak at the Technical Communication UK conference, where there were great discussions around the impact Social Media is having on Technical Communication.  

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When I returned from the conference, I received an invitation to be interviewed by Matthew Ellison for this quarter’s iSTC Communicator Journal on this very topic.

I have asked permission to post the interview here and I thank
Marian Newell and her entire team for allowing me to do so. I also thank Matthew Ellison for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance for Technical Communicators to embrace Social Media.

Below I have embedded the interview in PDF format. To download the PDF, click Menu and select Download or Share. To display the file in Full Screen mode, click the up-pointing arrow, and the Escape key to exit. Both of these options are highlighted here:

Also highlighted here are the previous and next page navigation buttons, located at the bottom of the embedded PDF:

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