Talking Mobile Learning, Gadgets, Tablets, Flash and More [Video Interview]

Last week Robert Kennedy III, President of RKCS Learning Solutions, invited me to do a video interview over Skype and we talked about all my favorite topics, including eLearning, Mobile Learning, Flash Player 10.2 on the Motorola Xoom, the Kindle, Apple, Adobe and of course Tablets.

I’m very happy with the way the final edited version came out and I would like to thank Robert and RKCS Learning Solutions for the opportunity.

You can read more about our Interview on the RKCS Learning Solutions Blog. I have also embedded the interview video below:

An Interview with RJ Jacquez from RKCS Learning Solutions on Vimeo.



  • @NityaNagaich

    A great advantage of the increasing use of eLearning vs conventional learning using books would be on environment. Imagine how many trees we cut for the paper required for printing!

  • Nina Anderson5

    I got this software that lets me convert FLV files to video or music. You can try it too:

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