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Powered by Adobe RoboHelpIn the short time since I posted the news about Adobe AIR in eLearning winning a Brandon Hall award, the Adobe Captivate demo of the application I submitted has already been watched by over 300 viewers and many have been kind enough to leave feedback through the open-ended survey at the end of the movie.  I would like to say thank you to everyone and share with my readers some of this feedback.

“Great stuff, RJ. Thanks for the great demo and I love the application, can I get a copy by any chance?”
—Tom C. 

“Kudos to your entire team, RJ.”
—Ethan S.

“RJ: Very cool demo! PS: I passed the Adobe Certification Exam in Captivate 3 this week.”
—Brian S F.

“This Air application for technical authors looks very interesting! I am a contract technical author with a client currently using RoboHELP 7 that is looking at putting a lot of their training materials online using Robo. Using Air as well with auto update would certainly help answer some of their problems. I look forward to more information about this, especially how to produce this type of output from RoboHELP using the packager for AIR.”
—Rod W.   

“This tool looks good. How can we distribute content for Adobe AIR? Where can we get training and best practices? I notice Lynda.com has some AIR training material. Is this a good resource? Thank you. P.S. I like this feedback capture feature you have appended to your Captivate movie. How can I do this?
—David F. 

“This was an AWESOME presentation. I manage the K12 Education Sales team at Adobe, and have encouraged my team and extended team of sales, and SEs to view this video, and share it with customers. I learned a lot. And congratulations on your award!
—Karen D.

“Was this built using the Flex framework with air, or flash and air? Also….how about open sourcing it! : )

“Congrats on the award RJ. Your Captive video was superb.”
—Tom D.

“Hey RJ…I met you at lunch one day at the e-Learning Guild Conference this past year. I’m VERY IMPRESSED with this application. Congratulations on the Brandon Hall Award, well deserved. My team and I have built version one of a performance support application that contains product information for our some of our sales teams. We’re looking to leverage AIR for version 2 and what you’ve demonstrated here hits the mark for us perfectly. From it’s search capabilities, to the collaboration, to the updates. The 3D PDF capability is such a nice bonus too. What are you able to share to help my team and me learn from your great work? I look forward to hearing from you.”
—Steve N.

Adobe AIR in eLearning Download NowThe most common question I received was, can you share the actual AIR application?  And my answer is, Absolutely! I have uploaded the AIR application to our Adobe AIR Marketplace for anyone to download!

To get the most out of navigating through the application, please watch this short Captivate demo if you haven’t done so.

Thanks again and if you are planning on attending our second annual Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose, CA on November 10, 2008, I will be presenting a session entitled Adobe AIR in eLearning for non programmers.

If you are not attending the conference and would like to schedule a Connect presentation, please leave a comment here with contact information and I will work with you and your team offline to make this happen. Click here to download the AIR applications.



  • thank you

  • James F

    Can you post the Robo Help Files that you used to create this applications?————————————————–Hi James, I have been waiting for the launch of RoboHelp 8 before I did something like this just because in RH8, producing AIR-based Help is now built-in. I’m in the processing of publishing details for an upcoming eLearning session where I will walk people through the steps for creating this type of Help system. Please stay tuned!Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  • Caine S

    Hi RJ,This is truly a fantastic app and one that i’ve been trying to find for the past 12 months. I would really like to find out how we can utilize this in our organization. Please drop me a line to find out how I can talk with you further.Thanks————————————-Hi Caine, thanks for your comment and I’m working on delivering a live eLearning session on how to do this, so please stay tuned to my blog.Thanks again,RJ Jacquez

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