Here’s What Students have said about the mLearning Design Workshop:

Paul weaver

“The M-Learning workshop was the best investment I’ve made in a long time. It is a “mobile first” look at how to build learning tools that not only work on the devices students are most likely to look at them on first, but then also to build them using responsive-design concepts that enable them to be viewed on literally anything connected to the web. His design concept of “Going Small by Going Big” is well thought through and graphically demonstrated. RJ Jacquez remade my to-do list for the next 18 months in just 6 hours.”

Katia Hamati, Instructional Designer

“An applicable, well-illustrated, informative and very relevant workshop that is tailored to everyone, from beginners to more advanced designers of mlearning. Plus, the workshop is well-presented and conducted in a warm and friendly manner by an enthusiastic speaker with a clear outstanding knowledge of the topic. I gained plenty of information to take away and to refer to as well. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is determined to learn more about mlearning!”

Isa David, Learning Technologies Advisor

“There are very few online learning opportunities out there for m-learning. This course covers everything from WHY mobile, to development tools, to design dos and don’ts and more. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone embarking in mLearning.”

Barry Galvin - eLearning Developer and Technical Writer

“Many thanks indeed for an excellent mLearning course! I learned a huge amount about the importance of thinking mobile first. You have further increased my enthusiasm in this fast-moving and exciting industry that we are involved in. And also given me the confidence to begin the move away from Flash! Now, I had better start downloading all those cool apps! :)”


“RJ’s Workshop is awesome! I applied what I learned right away and improved course players for mobile devices. His workbook is packed with with valuable information that I will be following for a long time.”


RJ’s mobile learning class is worth every penny. He definitely has established himself as an expert in designing and developing mobile learning, and his knowledge shows in his teaching. He provides a wealth of information and tips about the state of the mobile learning market, the types of devices that deliver mobile learning, and how to create learning experiences that are easy and fun for students to consume. If you have any interest in mobile learning – whether you’re curious or want to get started – sign up for this class. You won’t be disappointed.”

Lori Myer

“RJ’s workshop is informative and well-presented about learning on mobile devices. Throughout the workshop, RJ engages the audience and his expertise and enthusiasm for mobile technologies come through loud and clear. It’s well worth your time and I highly recommend it”


“RJ’s Mobile Learning course today was wonderful. Highly recommended to all my e-Learning friends. You will learn a why and how to think when designing m-Learning.”


“Attended a great online workshop by RJ Jacquez on designing for #mLearning. Inspiring, with practical takeaways.”

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