Getting Started with the New Features in Adobe Captivate 4: Live eLearning session

On the heels of a very successful eLearning session I did on the new User Interface in Adobe FrameMaker 9, I’m posting information about the next live eLearning session, this time on the new features in Adobe Captivate 4.

Whether you have already purchased Captivate 4 standalone, or as part of the new eLearning Suite, or version 2 of the Technical Communication Suite, or are testing the trial version, I’m confident you will find this session worthwhile, so I look forward to seeing you there.

In Adobe Captivate 4, we added a long list of new features and I’ve gotten a ton of emails from customers asking where they can find these new features, and thus the reason for this eLearning session, to help you understand the new functionality and to learn where these new features are.

As always, no registration is required, but please keep in mind that my Connect Pro room only handles 400 people, so please log in as early as 30 minutes before the start time and the Virtual Classroom doors will close promptly at 10am PST to avoid distractions.

Here are the specifics and what we will cover during this two hour live eLearning session:

When: Friday, March 6, 2009 at 10:00am Pacific Time


Login instructions: Please click the link above as early as 30 minutes before the start time, enter as Guest, type your Full Name and click Enter Room.  For the audio portion of the meeting, you will need to turn on your computer speakers and adjust the volume appropriately.  I will conduct a series of audio tests as participants begin to join. Click here to make sure your system is properly configured to participate in this eLearning session via Acrobat Connect Pro.

One more thing to do is to make sure you have the latest Flash Player installed, because the session will include practice simulation in the Flash format.  Click here to install the latest Flash Player.

Duration: 120 minutes to accommodate questions, but it’s likely to end before.  Right-click here and save this MS Outlook iCalendar of the meeting on your Calendar.

Session Description: This eLearning session will cover the following topics:

  • Exploring the new Splash Screen and all the new Captivate Preferences
  • Navigating the new Adobe AIR-based Online Help System
  • Understanding the new Software Simulation Recording options, and the new Panning
  • Working with the new Project Templates, Placeholders and Design Templates
  • How to link PowerPoint files dynamically, and how to change them from within Captivate 4
  • Sending Captivate 4 Projects for Review using Adobe AIR
  • Understanding the new Text-to-Speech feature for automatically converting your slide notes to speech
  • Implementing Variables and Advanced Actions into your Captivate 4 Projects and Templates
  • What are Flash Widgets and how to use the included Widgets
  • Adding a Table of Contents to your Captivate 4 projects
  • Aggregating multiple Captivate projects into a single cohesive deliverable
  • Understanding the new Expanded Output options, including publishing to .AVI and .PDF
  • Importing native Photoshop (.PSD) files and animating each Photoshop Layer individually in the Captivate timeline
  • Understanding the long list of new usability enhancements, including, right-click simulation, single-SWF publishing, inline editing of text captions, the new drawing toolbar and more…
  • Understanding the extended functionality you get in the enhanced version of Captivate 4 in the Adobe eLearning Suite

I’m looking forward to this eLearning session and I hope to see you there!


  • Any chance this might be recorded and made available for the benefit of those of us in a different part of the world?Cheers, Phil—————————————————Hi Phil, thanks for your comment and I will definitely record the session an make it available as soon as I can after the live session.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  • Hi RJ,Thanks for your help today. I look forward to attending this session.Thanks,Jessica————————————–Hi Jessica, you are very welcome and I look forward to seeing you (virtually) Friday.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  • Thank you for the information on this up coming eLearning seminar, I am very excited to learn more about Adobe Captivate 4.I am currently using the trial version and I am sure I have not even scratched the surface of Captivate’s capabilities. I am looking forward to Friday’s Session!Have a most auspicious day!CorrinePS. I love your title, “Senior Product Evangelist” Wonderful!————————Hi Corrine, looking forward to seeing you there and as for my title, it’s pretty cool, and I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else :)See you there!RJ Jacquez

  • Torey

    RJ,Thanks for recording and publishing this session. I was connected to the live session but lost my wireless connection and was not able to get back into the meeting. I assume this is because you closed the session. Since we were all on VOIP I am not sure whey you closed the session. I look forward to watching the recording later.—————————————Hi Torey, I heard the same thing happened to a few people, sorry about that and the next time, I will reopen the virtual doors in case this happens again.The recording is now live and available at the top of the blog. Hopefully I’ll see you again in a future session.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  • Scott Peterson

    Hello!I wasn’t able to attend the webinar live today. Please send me a link to the recorded content. Thanks!Scott——————————————————-Hi Scott, sorry you missed it and hopefully we will see you in a future session. The recording is now available and you can see it at the top of the Blog.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  • Jolana Phillips-Veinott

    Hi RJ,I really enjoyed the session today and appreciate your knowledge and dedication. We recently purchased a LMS and are now looking for associated software. There were 4 identified by our management team, including Articulate, ProForm, Camtasia and of course Captivate. Any chance you can provide me with some general advantages of Captivate over the others?… Thanks and I’ve ordered the trial today…can’t wait to try it:)Jolana———————————————————Hi Jolana, thank you for attending my session and for your kind words and I will contact you offline regarding your inquiry.Thanks again,RJ Jacquez

  • Jay Fresno

    I watched the recording of your Captivate 4 new features presentation — great presentation and very helpful, very valuable. I especially appreciated the length of the presentation. (So many other Connect presentations are rushed to the point of not being useful.)A few questions:1) I noticed some differences in the Help system: no wheel in the lower right to go on/off online, no Add Link button to add a web site to Favorites. Is that because I have Captivate 4 installed but not the whole TechCom suite?2) In Global Defaults Preferences, I have Auto Size Caption turned on. I inserted a user variable in some text captions. When I view the caption in Captivate, the text fits fine. However, when I preview the project, the text captions are not large enough to display the all the text of the variable. This seems particularly critical when you can’t anticipate how many characters there might be in a variable, such as when you ask for a learner’s name. Any suggestions about this? Otherwise, it’s trial and error to get the text captions the right size.3) I’m familiar with Captivate, but not with Flash. You lost me on the part about editing the buttons in Flash because the presentation was going too fast and it seemed like not all the steps were demonstrated. Do you have written instructions for how to change the buttons in Flash?

  • Hi Jay, first off, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and your kind words are greatly appreciated! Here are some comments to your questions:1) The Help in Adobe Captivate 4 should be identical regardless of whether you have the eLearning Suite or the Tech Comm Suite, or CP4 as an individual product. Can you send me a screen shot of what you see? I will contact you offline shortly.2) Have you tried increasing the maximum length of the variable? This will help in cases like these.3)I don’t have any written steps at this point, but I’m planning on doing an eLearning session on the “integration” features in the eLearning Suite and I would cover these steps more in-depth.Thanks again,RJ Jacquez

  • Donna

    Can you provide the URL for the eLearning session on Captivate 4? I currently have 3.0 and I have downloaded the trial 4.0 version, and would also like to attend the session you provided.

  • Matthew Gouwens

    Was this webinar posted? I am having trouble locating it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • RJ Jacquez

    Hi Matthew, thanks for leaving a comment and here’s the blog post where I included the recording to this eSeminar.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

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