Importing Adobe Illustrator Smart Objects into Adobe Captivate [VIDEO]

Below is a video I recorded and published last week on the topic of importing Adobe Illustrator smart objects into Adobe Captivate 5 with the help of Photoshop.

This topic was inspired by a question we received during our very first ‘Ask the Adobe eLearning Team‘ session.

Speaking of our weekly Ask the Adobe eLearning Team gathering, the first session was very well received by our customers, and we are excited about this new program and we hope you can join us every week moving forward.

Furthermore, I have introduced a couple of new Social things in order to support this new initiative, namely: 1) We have now an official Twitter hashtag for discussions around this new program. The hashtag is #AskAdobeTeam. Please use this in your tweets when referring to this new program. 2) I also launched a new Facebook Page for all of us to continue our conversations after each weekly session. Here’s the Facebook Page. Click the "Like" button to become fans and join the conversation.

Among other things, what you will find on the official Facebook Page are videos answering some of the most compelling questions that come up during a given weekly session.

Having said that, please check out this first video and let me know what you think of this idea, and join us tomorrow for our second Ask the Adobe eLearning Team session.


  • Adobe=Retarded

    What a joke, having to export to PSD and then export to Cp5 is a ridiculous amount of work just to get Ai images into it. What the hell was Adobe thinking? I mean, really, what kind of an idiot actually creates their e-learning icons, panels, etc in Photoshop?

  • Komal

    This didn’t work for me – loading into Captivate made it horrible and pixelly. Why? Also, the ‘edit’ button is greyed out

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