Next eLearning session? You tell me!

By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter @rjacquez

After a great STC Conference in Atlanta, I’m on my way home thinking about all the great conversations I had with our customers during presentations and throughout the event.  Lots of great topics came up and will most likely provide an overview of the event in the next couple of days. 

In the meantime, I’m also thinking about the topic of my next eLearning session, and I need your help.

These topics where some of the most talked about during STC and I need your help in selecting the one you think I should cover next. 

Thank you in advance, and if you have ideas for other topics not listed here, please leave a comment and I will consider adding them to this list.

What Topic would you like me to deliver next in an eLearning session?(online surveys)



  • Thanks for asking! One thing that I would love more of is tutorials on the advanced features of Captivate 4.Cheers,Matthew Bibby

  • Mike

    I’d really like to see a demo on upgrading an RH 6 or 7 project to 8 and how the code is cleaned-up during conversion to XHTML. Also, would really like to see a demo of Twisties.

  • Kevin Anderle

    How do I create a glossary in Captivate 4?

  • Liz

    I just installed Tech Comm Suite 2 and I am SO impressed with the upgraded Frame interface, and much better Frame/RH integration. Thank you Adobe! But I need to educate my customers on how to comment on my work with Reader 9. It has been great in the past with my only client with Acrobat Pro, but I can’t wait to expand review comments to the great unwashed “MS majority” and dump all those horrific MS Word docs with page refs. Wow, will I be a much happier camper.

  • I agree with Matthew. It could be nice to get more advanced tutorials on Captivate.It could be interesting to to get more info about the eLearning Suite, something like how to create relevant eLearning stuff with the softwares on the suite.

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