STC Chapter goes Virtual and makes a Green difference

At Adobe, we have a strong commitment to the environment and we actively implement measures to increase efficiency, conserve energy and water, improve air quality, and reduce waste.  From our office buildings to our product packaging, we continue to reduce our environmental impact.

This is why when I was asked to speak at the first-ever virtual meeting for the Society for Technical Communication Canada West Coast chapter; I was not only thrilled but also excited about making a “green” difference.

Since travel is typically the biggest greenhouse gas contributor (GHG), web and video conferencing are the best way for all of us to reduce our CO2 footprint by cutting down on travel.

Since the chapter wanted to broadcast a live video feed of Karen Rempel, chapter president, as well as a Podcast of the past president, Theresa Putkey, and a pre-recorded video of Rahel Bailie, who was in London at the time, we wanted to make sure we did a dry-run before the live event in an effort to make sure we had all the layouts and pods in place in our Web Conferencing tool, Adobe Connect Pro.

For more information on what it took to setup and prepare for the meeting, the chapter volunteers wrote a great description here.

I’m happy to report that the meeting went really well and while I can’t share the entire recording of the meeting, I have assembled a highlight reel in a PDF portfolio, since this was one of the topics I discussed during my presentation (what’s new in Tech Comm Suite 1.3). 

To view the PDF Portfolio, you will need to have the free Reader 9 software and once you have it, you can right-click here to download the PDFPortfolio.

To learn more about the virtual experience, check out Tony Chung’s blog.

I hope more STC and ASTD chapters embrace this idea of going virtual, not only because virtual meetings work but also because this is a good way for all of us to make a contribution toward solving the climate change crisis.


  • Hi RJ,Thanks for speaking at our meeting Sep 16. I set up my own free ConnectNow account during your presentation. Today, when our company had exhausted its number of remote meeting sessions with our current provider, I could share our desktop with my ConnectNow meeting room.Thanks for the linkback to my site.Cheers,Tony

  • Karen Rempel

    Hi RJ,Attendees really enjoyed the meeting, and it was very inspiring to be part of the first STC program to incorporate remote technology in this way. Thank you for all you did to make this happen.The PDF portfolio you prepared using new Adobe technology is very cool! It combines both audio and video podcasts, a PowerPoint presentation, and a graphic of CO2 emissions prevented by using remote participation. It’s really innovative to be able to combine all these different media formats into a single PDF file.Unfortunately I didn’t realize the camera operator was not tracking my movements. But it gives the recorded introduction a kind of “home movie” feel that I hope our members will enjoy!With much appreciation,Karen RempelPresident, STC CWC

  • Pam Drucker

    Hi RJ,Thank you not only for introducing us to Adobe Connect Pro but also for using the Web conferencing tool to demonstrate new features in the Tech Comm Suite. We were delighted to have you kick-off the new season. Adobe’s commitment to ‘go green’ and our chapter’s passion to reach remote members met head-on, virtually.Thinking back, the success of the September meeting started with an amazing level of excitement. Let’s stream video! Let’s add podcasts! Someone’s gotta blog about this!STC-Canada West Coast members are scattered across the province. For some, getting to a meeting in Vancouver means hopping a ferry or planning a road trip. So you can imagine that the ability to easily connect chapter members is vital.In rehearsal and again on the night of the event, connecting to the meeting with Adobe Connect was as easy as point and click. I estimate one third of the attendees were virtual. For this chapter, that’s a big green step forward.Many thanks,Pam DruckerPrograms team

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