What a Difference a Year Makes

Wow, so much has happened since I joined Adobe almost three years ago as a Product Evangelist, initially for just FrameMaker and RoboHelp, then for Adobe Captivate and later for the entire Adobe Technical Communication Suite, and now I’m particularly excited about also being the Evangelist for our Adobe eLearning Solutions, which include products like Captivate, Presenter and also Connect Pro as it pertains to eLearning.

I was debating whether I should go with two blogs, one for Technical Communication and one for eLearning, but I decided against it, so I will be blogging about our presence in both markets here.

Adobe in Technical Communication

As you would expect, I attend many conferences where I enjoy presenting and spending time with our customers and one of the themes that I selected for both WritersUA and the STC conference was “what a difference a year makes,” which I thought was fitting considering all of the positive changes our products had gone through since attending these conferences the previous year.

Today, there’s a lot to like about FrameMaker 8, RoboHelp 7, Captivate 3, Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, Presenter and Acrobat 3D Reviewer, which make up our Technical Communication Suite 1.3 and if you’ve ever attended one of my presentations on the Suite, you’ve probably seen me use a puzzle metaphor to illustrate how these products all came together and how they integrate and relate to each other.

The last piece you see above is our Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) icon, which is a critical piece of the puzzle and something that our customers are extremely excited about, as are we.

Adobe in eLearning

As a company, we are in a very fortunate situation with the presence and market share that our products have in the ever-growing eLearning market.  According to the latest 360° report released earlier this year on Authoring and Development Tool by the eLearning Guild, there are three key findings in this report, which I really like:

  • Adobe Captivate enjoys a dominant market share position with over 62% of respondents that use Rapid e-Learning, Courseware Authoring, or Simulations tools indicating that they use Captivate.
  • When evaluating an authoring tool, the three most important features are that the tool allows content to be easily updated (72%), the learning curve is low relative to other tools (45.6%), and the tool outputs to Flash SWF files (43.6%).
  • Guild members use a lot of tools, and not just combinations of tools from different categories. 76% of Guild members use more than one Rapid e-Learning Development tool, and 38.9% use four or more.

The reasons I like the first two are obvious and as for the last key finding, when you look at the full report, you will also notice that many of the other products selected are also Adobe products, so what’s not to like about it!

For more information on this report and on the eLearning Guild, please visit their site.

Thanks for visiting my blog and in future posts, I will continue sharing with you my experiences in these markets, the lessons I learn as I continue spending time with our customers and of course more useful resources, so stay tuned.



  • Hi RJ:Glad to see that you are blogging and I look forward to reading your posts.RegardsBrianhttp://assistivetek.blogspot.com

  • Very happy to see you have begun blogging, RJ! Looking forward to hearing more about the suite.

  • Sheila

    Will you guys have an educational track at Adobe Max 2008?

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