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We have entered a new era of mobile computing. This mobile revolution is an opportunity for learning professionals to reinvent our industry, from the way we learn new things by interacting with information on our mobile devices to the way we design the next generation of learning experiences. To fully realize the potential of mLearning, though, we need to think outside the eLearning box and question many of our traditional practices.

Have RJ Jacquez speak at your event about the paradigm shift from eLearning to mLearning, his ideas around embracing simplicity in mLearning design, and how thinking “mobile first” can support creating great learning experiences not just on mobile, but also on the desktop.

About RJ Jacquez

RJ Jacquez is a Mobile Learning Analyst, Consultant and Speaker, who helps companies understand the potential of Mobile and make a successful transition from eLearning to mLearning in their organizations. Also a Mobile Learning Evangelist, Podcasting and Blogging the Mobile Learning Revolution as it happens. Before that, Jacquez worked for Adobe Systems and Macromedia as a Senior Evangelist. RJ is honored to be among great company in the following lists and articles: 1) mLearning’s game changers: Who’s on your dream team? (http://t.co/7j5KoylW) 2) Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communications (http://bit.ly/a8ooZC) 3) Top 20 most influential tweeters in eLearning, training and HR (http://bit.ly/vScfc0). 4) I was also mentioned in this article on Why Every Company Needs a Robert Scoble (infographic) for my work as an Adobe Evangelist (http://bit.ly/v0IMHs).

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  • Scott Strand

    I find it interesting that your graphic in mobile learning (mLearning) can’t be viewed on a mobile (iPad) device.

  • This may really look interesting and appealing to most people who uses mobile. Thus, there are already many things that can be done by a mobile and it is good that you have introduced a new era on how to use mobile into another useful way.

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